Is Vampire Survivors Coming to PlayStation and Xbox?

Can you survive?

by Kara Phillips


To any gamers looking for an authentic retro gaming experience, Vampire Survivors may tick the boxes. This roguelike shoot-em-up has been incredibly popular since its initial launch in 2021, and players have been very excited to sink their fangs into its full release on PC, but while PC players have been enjoying it as much as possible, console players are patiently waiting to see the game pop up in their libraries. So read on to find out if Vampire Survivors is available on Xbox and Playstation.

Will Vampire Survivors Release on Xbox and PlayStation?

Despite being available through the Xbox Game Pass, Vampire Survivors is not available on Xbox consoles. Similarly, the game is not available to play on PlayStation, so console players will have to wait slightly longer to be able to pick this game up from the comfort of their couch. The only platform players can find Vampire Survivors is PC, via Steam or the Xbox Game Pass. The pick-up-and-play feeling of the game makes it a perfect fit for the Steam Deck, which is technically the only console the game is available on and has left a lot of players wondering why it hasn’t been released on a similarly handheld console like the Nintendo Switch too since it’s a great game for on-the-go.

With the game leaving early access, there’s nothing to suggest that the game won’t eventually be released on consoles. It would be an excellent fit for console, especially given the nostalgic appearance of gameplay. Vampire Survivors has the potential to transport a lot of gamers to their childhoods with its design and mechanics, so it would be a shame to keep the experience restrained to PC. Unfortunately, the addictive nature makes it incredibly easy to lose hours into and paired with the comfort of a sofa, it’s potentially a good thing the title hasn’t made its way to console yet.

Vampire Survivors is available now on PC.

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