Lethal Company Ghost Girl in Red Dress Explained

The lady in red is looking for me.

by Alejandro Josan
Lethal Company Ghost Girl Featured Image
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The mastery of horror is to take things that are completely harmless in every other situation and transform them into the most scary and disturbing elements of your world. Here is everything you need to know about the Ghost Girl in Lethal Company.

Ghost Girl in Red Dress, Explained: Lethal Company

If Lethal Company’s name itself could refer to a specific character in the game, probably the Ghost Girl would be the perfect fit. I don’t know about you, but since I saw The Shining, seeing random girls pop out after I take a turn is my biggest fear, second just to clowns that want me to join them for a party in the sewer.

But anyway, the Ghost Girl in Lethal Company is one of the many monsters you encounter in Lethal Company. It seems to be inspired by the Lady in Red sightings that have been reported across the United States for hundreds of years.

Ghost Girl Behaviour in Lethal Company

The Ghost Girl in Lethal Company is a very particular monster. Not only due to the movie-fueled creepiness but because the Ghost Girl will only appear to one of the players in a party. Yes, that means that the “I can see dead people” trope is now available for you to experience, although a lot more terrifying. She will appear randomly whenever you are exploring a moon and will begin hunting one of the members of a party.

Image: Zeekerss

Whenever she appears, it is basically a warning that you need to pick as many things as you can and go to the ship. Her behavior will start as menacing and you will feel as if she is toying with you, with her ending up haunting and chasing you all around the moon, both outside and inside. Even if you don’t see her, audio and visual cues such as the Ghost Girl’s giggles or even lightning effects could indicate her presence.

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While you can certainly outrun her, this is a Jason Voorhees type of situation. If you are her prey, then she will never stop. So, as said above, you will have to pack things up before she catches you. You don’t want to know what happens then. Spoiler alert: you’re dead.

- This article was updated on November 14th, 2023

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