Lost Ark: All 4 Atropos Mokoko Seed Locations

Here is how to collect all 4 Atropos Mokoko Seeds.

by Noah Nelson


Even in places that may seem easy, collecting all the Mokoko Seeds in a place like Atropos in Lost Ark can still be challenging. Not to worry, we have you covered. And after this guide, you can make your way to Lake Shiverwave or Twilight Isle to collect all the Mokoko Seeds there. But before that, here is your guide to collecting all 4 Atropos Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark.

Atropos Mokoko Seed Locations in Lost Ark

As always, half of the challenge with finding Mokoko Seeds is finding where to find them. Atropos is one of the dozens of islands in Lost Ark. The only way onto this island is to fast travel to it. Once you are on the island, your hunt for all of the Mokoko Seeds under the tropical sun can begin. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to collect all 4 Mokoko Seeds in Atropos in Lost Ark:


  1. The first Mokoko Seed on Atropos is on the southernmost part of the island. Travel west until you see a building, a cannon, and the cliffside. The seed will be there in front of an orange bush.
  2. The second Mokoko Seed will require some jumping. On the southernmost part of the island, head east and then south. You will need to jump across two gaps and enter the tavern on the other side. Once inside, travel to the back right side, and behind a barrel will be seed two.
  3. After getting the third Mokoko Seed, head back outside. Jump the gap to the right of the tavern and examine the picture to reveal a hidden cave. Inside the cave and to the right will be seed three.
  4. Not the northernmost part, but the northernmost part to the east will be the final Mokoko Seed. Go to the end of the road and travel northeast to enter the building. Once inside, head all the way to the east towards the back of the room, and the last seed will be hidden from view behind the exterior wall.

While this may be one of the easier places to collect Mokoko Seeds, Lost Ark is filled with places where the seeds are much harder to find. For all of your Mokoko Seed hunting needs as well as other helpful tips and walkthrough, be sure to check out our Lost Ark guides.

Lost Ark is available now on PC.

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