Lost Ark: All 9 Prideholm Mokoko Seed Locations

Check out where to find all the Mokoko Seeds scattered across the holy city of Prideholm

by Franklin Bellone Borges


Lost Ark players are able to gather a wide amount of collectible items as they travel across the many lands of Arkesia, all of which are sure to reward them with plenty of handy items, among many other things. With that said, among all of them, the first collectible item you will be able to come in contact with are the Mokoko Seeds, which will be featured in almost all of the game’s explorable areas. Now, to help you get all of the Mokoko Seeds available in Lost Ark as soon as possible, here’s where to find all the Mokoko Seeds located in the holy land of Prideholm.

Lost Ark: All 9 Prideholm Mokoko Seed Locations

You can find a total of 9 Mokoko Seeds in the holy city of Prideholm, which is, as we said above, the first city you will visit after completing the game’s prologue. With that said, after arriving at the area, you will be able to find the first two Makoko Seeds by heading to the town’s main plaza, after getting those, we advise you to go to the city’s east wing, where you will be able to find one seed in the area connecting it the plaza, as well as two more seeds in the eastmost part of the area. After getting all of them, just head to the Cathedral, where you will be able to find the last 2 Mokoko Seeds hidden left of the entrance. You can check out the exact location of all Mokoko Seeds present in Prideholm below, as they are featured in Lost Ark’s interactive map:


Now that you know where to find all Mokoko Seeds currently available in Prideholm, the first big city you will visit during your travels throughout the lands scattered across Arkesia, don’t forget to check out a comprehensive guide to all the main classes available in the game so that you can make sure you picked the right one.

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- This article was updated on February 14th, 2022

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