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Mafia: Definitive Edition – When Do You Get the Tommy Gun?

Tommy Angelo, say hello to the Tommy Gun

by Joshua Garibay


When it comes to the Mafia, the Tommy Gun is as iconic as the mob’s three-piece suits. Since Mafia: Definitive Edition revolves around Tommy Angelo’s rise from cab driver to mafioso, our protagonist of humble beginnings doesn’t immediately start out with such fine weaponry (or clothes). It would be understandable if you found yourself wondering when your ensemble will finally be complete with the addition of the Thompson submachine gun. Whether you asked or not, we have the answer.

The beautiful duo of Tommy and the Tommy Gun takes place a few hours into the game. The first point that the player can get their hands on the weapon is Chapter 8: The Saint and The Sinner. Tommy is tasked with eliminating the manager of the Corleone Hotel as well as “persuading” one of the girls to leave town, per Sam’s request. Once those two objectives are crossed off, the action moves upstairs to the manager’s office.

When Tommy reaches the top floor, he will eventually come to a glass walkway filled with greenery. You can’t miss it. The transition from dark hallways to an illuminated stretch of brighter colors is impossible not to recognize. Three enemies enter the space from the opposite end of the room. One of those three will open fire with the immediately recognizable sound of automatic gunfire.

That man has your Tommy Gun. Eliminate him and you can tear the remaining foes to shreds. If finally receiving the Thompson in the second half of a mission upsets you, take comfort in the fact that it will quickly return to your hands. The next mission, Chapter 9: A Trip to the Country, prominently features the firearm.

Of course, you could simply back out to Free Ride and going on a limitless spree with the Tommy Gun, if you have no interest in mission limitations. Plus, you can change your outfit to better pair your attire with the Mafia’s go-to weapon.

- This article was updated on:September 29th, 2020

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