Minecraft Allay: How to Find, Tame, Transport, and Breed

Learn how to make the most out of these item-hunting Minecraft mobs!

by Marc Magrini


Minecraft continues to add new content with each passing update. One of the more recent additions to this beloved title is the Allay, a friendly mob that assists in collecting dropped items. Allays can be very helpful in collecting materials forgotten or left behind by players low on inventory space. Essentially, they can act as an extra slot of on-the-go storage. Avid miners and hunters struggling to manage their resources will benefit from knowing how to find, tame, transport, and breed an Allay in Minecraft.

How to Find, Tame, and Transport an Allay in Minecraft

Allays are somewhat simple to find, especially if you’ve explored many above-ground areas in Minecraft. These mobs can be found imprisoned in pillager outposts and woodland mansions. They can be found in wooden cages within outposts and jail cells inside mansions—it might be helpful to use a special seed to get to them sooner. Allays are usually found in groups of one to three at each location. Giving an item to an allay will effectively “tame” it, causing it to automatically follow the player as long as they stay close enough. Almost any item can be given to the Allay, allowing any player to easily tame and transport one without issue.

How to Breed an Allay in Minecraft

Unlike other mobs such as the flower-loving bees or the unique and varied axolotls, allays technically don’t “breed.” Instead, giving an amethyst shard to an allay while it dances will cause it to duplicate. Only one allay is ever needed to spawn more. However, players will also need a jukebox – as well as a music disc – to get the allay to dance. There will also be a cooldown after duplication. The player is forced to wait some time before it’s possible to duplicate the same allay a second time. If you want a good reason to search for every music disc you can find, allay duplication provides a fantastic excuse to do so!

Minecraft is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on August 16th, 2022

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