Minecraft – How to Find the Warden

What is The Warden, and Where to Find It

by Callum Self


Minecraft’s upcoming update, known as The Wild Update, will introduce new blocks, new biomes and new mobs, and a frightening new creature; The Warden. While there’s a lot of content coming to Minecraft, nothing is going to scare you as much as this towering creature that lives in the dark.

For those daring enough to chase down The Warden, you may be wondering how and where you can find this creature? Or maybe you want to know where it is so you can rightfully avoid it. We’re here to help you with locating The Warden in Minecraft

What is The Warden in Minecraft?

Standing at close to 4 blocks tall, just over the size of the Iron Golem, The Warden is an unstoppable force of nature. As stated by the Minecraft team, he’s meant to be more of “a natural disaster than a boss.”

The Warden is the first mob in Minecraft to be blind, sensing other mobs and the player with sounds and vibrations. His attacks are deadly, being a one-hit kill to any players without Netherite armor and a two-hit kill to those with.

Avoiding The Warden is challenging, but not impossible. He can be distracted by projectiles landing, meaning snowballs or arrows are good tools to bring on your adventures. Sneaking in-game also helps, and making your way around him can earn you some valuable loot within The Deep Dark biome.

If you do attack him, he becomes faster and stronger. He is said to drop nothing upon death, making the fight with him worth only bragging rights. It’s safe to say, he is a scary creature.

How to Find The Warden in Minecraft


Currently, there’s no way to find The Warden in Minecraft. As The Wild Update isn’t available to the public yet, the creature is nowhere to be found, as well as the biome in which it lives.

However, we can tell you that when The Wild Update does finally release to the public, The Warden can be found in a new biome called The Deep Dark. This biome will be found in the deepest parts of the Overworld, closer to the bedrock layer (which we all know to be the impenetrable layer at the bottom of the Overworld).

When The Warden is close to you, light sources like torches will flash, warning you of your impending doom. The Deep Dark will be a very scary place, but with the right knowledge, the danger could be worth it.

When will The Wild Update for Minecraft Release?

Whilst The Warden was originally announced as part of the Caves & Cliffs Update, it was pushed back to be a part of The Wild Update due to taking longer than expected to produce.

Currently, The Wild Update has a vague release window of 2022, meaning that it could release any time between now and December 31st. The Caves & Cliffs (Part 1 & 2) updates were released on June 8th and November 30th respectively. It’s safe to assume that The Wild Update could release between those dates, with a July release looking possible. But we can’t be sure yet.

Whether or not you’re going on an adventure to find The Warden is a daunting task, but we’re excited to see Minecraft introduce and encourage more horror elements.

The Wild Update is set to launch in 2022 on both Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft

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