Modern Warfare 2 Sniper Tier List: Best Snipers and Marksman Rifles in MW2

One shot, one kill.

by Elliott Gatica

Call of Duty games will always have their fair share of campers and tryhards trying to make sniper montages. One shot is all it takes to be a victim of a montage clip, but these precision weapons have a lot going for them. If you’re looking to be part of that crowd, you may want to stick around and see what are the best snipers and marksman rifles in MW2. This is our take on the sniper tier list in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 Sniper Tier List

The reason why we’re putting marksman rifles with snipers is that they’re both precision weapons. While snipers are going to have larger scopes and can be a bit on the slower part, they and the marksman rifles have the one shot, one kill capabilities with the right setup. Also, as the game undergoes weapon adjustments, these weapons will go up and down depending on buffs and nerfs.


  • MCPR-300
  • SP-X 80
  • SA-B 50
  • Lockwood MK2
  • SP-R 208

These guns are all accurate as they are deadly. The reason why these four are the best snipers/marksman rifles right now is that they provide lethality and good mobility. Even with Modern Warfare 2 being slower in terms of movement, good mobility goes a long way. From reload times and sprint to fire speed, you can really put in work with these.

Camping is still very much a viable option to use these snipers with. You can easily prep these to have them ready to fire, especially when you are able to start using attachments with them.


  • LA-B 330
  • EBR-14
  • LM-S
  • TAQ-M

The snipers and marksman rifles listed in A-Tier are very strong with the right setup. Of course, they will only become better with more attachments and tuning them. If you can pop heads and run around in the various multiplayer modes, you can score killstreaks in no time.

Most of these here make the weapons in the battle rifle category look not that great. The guns listed here feel almost the same as them. They just pack a greater punch.


  • Signal 50

The Signal 50 should be really good. It has the .50 caliber rounds, but compared to its other sniper and marksman counterparts, it’s too slow. You can only really use this weapon if you’re perched up in an optimal camping spot and firing away at your opponents’ heads. This can definitely be a fun gun, but it’ll be hard to deal with the slow reload and setup time.

Since these are snipers at the end of the day, you can customize them to your liking and make them deadly in all ranges. Of course, with longer ranges, they will be slower.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on October 31st, 2022

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