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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Beat Tetranodon

Watch out for the Amphibious Wrestler.

by Victor Vellas


The enormous Tetranodon is a new monster introduced in Monster Hunter Rise and as you can see, it’s ready for some action. What would you get if you fused a toad, a platypus and a sumo wrestler together? Well of course, the almighty Tetranodon we just mentioned. This sums up this creature so well, as it has traits and characteristics of all these combined. Read the following info, to see exactly why.

How to beat Tetranodon in Monster Hunter Rise

Tetranodon can eat, spit, jump and wrestle, all in one session. Its appetite is like no other’s in Monster Hunter Rise, trying to literally swallow everything that moves. In case whatever it eats doesn’t sit well in its stomach, it spits it with force, acting as a viable tool in combat.


Tetranodon Characteristics

  • Type: Amphibian
  • Threat Level: 2*
  • Known Habitats: Shrine Ruins, Frost Islands, Lava Caverns

Tetranodon Weaknesses

  • Most vulnerable spots: Head, Neck, Foreleg
  • Elemental weaknesses: Lightning (primary), Fire (secondary)
  • Status vulnerabilities: Paralysis, Blast, Thunderblight

Tetranodon Overview

At first sight, Tetranodon doesn’t seem that big or dangerous. However, as battle rages on, this Amphibian continuously eats anything found in its way, from dirt to any kind of wildlife. While it does, it keeps getting bigger, heavier and more destructive, as its wings and body have considerable more weight to them. This results to way stronger hits overall, and some surprisingly fast AOE swings, body slams and jump attacks.

What you need to do to counter its ongoing power up, is to attack relentlessly its head and stomach. If you are not interrupted, you will cause enough damage to make it spit whatever was in there, reducing its size to normal again, hence making its attacks less damaging. If you are planning on doing this from afar using ranged weapons, make sure to keep an eye out for its ranged water projectile. Occasionally, it lifts some really big boulder and hurls them towards you. Make sure to avoid these as well.


In order to overcome a Tetranodon, you need to act fast and be as aggressive as possible. Defensive playstyle is not advised with this monster, since it gets more troublesome as the battles goes on. Spam as many attacks as possible to  force it to stay at its default size, and in case it has something in its stomach, prefer using the Wirebug to avoid its moves. Its hitbox becomes oddly large when its full, so you may get hit from attacks you thought you wouldn’t, if you just dodge or side step.

Dual Blades, Insect Glaive and other fast hitting weapons are best suited for such a fight, due to the number of hits they can do in a small amount of time. Having such a big hitbox to its vulnerable spots, it’s going to be very easy with these weapons to make it spit out whatever it has eaten prior. If the weapons are attached with the Lightning attribute, even better.

Overall, in order to beat a Tetranodon, you need to keep an eye out for its AOE jumps and arm swipes, have a good understanding of its size and hitbox, and keep attacking as much as possible. Follow these basic steps, and this oversized toad-platypus will go down easily.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more guides about the game, make sure to check our extensive list right here.


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