MultiVersus Max Level: What is the Level Cap for Characters?

How far do the levels go in MultiVersus?

by Diego Perez


MultiVersus features a character progression system allowing players to level up each fighter, but what is the level cap for your characters? Most games with a leveling system naturally include a level cap at some point, but MultiVersus players have been leveling and leveling throughout the open beta period and beyond with seemingly no end in sight. There are rewards in store for those that put in the work to level up their fighters, but the levels keep climbing even after the game runs out of rewards to give you. Here’s what we know about the MultiVersus level cap, including the maximum level that you can reach with each character in the game.

What is the Level Cap for Characters in MultiVersus

There isn’t a maximum level in MultiVersus. At least, nobody has discovered a level cap for any character so far. MultiVersus is still in open beta and has only been publicly available for a short period of time, so there may be a high maximum level that no one has reached yet. If somebody does discover a level cap, this guide will be updated to reflect that.

However, level 15 sort of serves as a level cap since that’s the last level that gives you any rewards for each character. The final reward at level 15 for each character is a badge that tracks how many wins you have with them — a fitting reward for a fighter that is very likely your main. Before then, you’ll receive various minor rewards like banners, toasts, and emotes.

That’s all you need to know about the MultiVersus maximum level, but there are plenty of other things to work on in the game besides leveling up each of the fighters on the roster. The Battle Pass contains a ton of free and premium rewards ranging from toasts to skins, so make sure you get your daily challenges and seasonal milestones finished when you can. Also, new fighters are on the horizon, so your new main could be coming in a future patch.

MultiVersus is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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