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Nier Replicant: What to Do With the Mermaid Tear – Strange Fate of the Jewel Quest Guide

What should you do with the Mermaid Tear jewel?

by Diego Perez


The Strange Fate of the Jewel side quest in Nier Replicant gives you a valuable Mermaid Tear and lets you decide what to do with it. There are a few options at your disposal for the Mermaid Tear, and each of them seems right. What’s the best decision to make though? Each choice has a different outcome, and you’ll walk away with different amounts of money depending on what you go with. Here’s what to do with the Mermaid Tear in Nier Replicant.

What to Do With the Mermaid Tear in Nier Replicant

You have three options after you find the Mermaid Tear.

  • Bury the jewel in memory of the woman.
  • Give it to the client.
  • Sell it.

If you bury the jewel in memory of the woman, you won’t receive any Gold. You’ll just have to do it out of the goodness of your heart. Most players will want some type of reward, though, and that’s where the other choices come in.


Giving it to the client and selling it will both net you the same amount of Gold, a hefty sum of 10,000 to be exact, but the outcomes are slightly different from one another. The client will pay you if you give her the Mermaid Tear, and you’ll also learn that she’s the granddaughter of the man who sent the Mermaid Tear to the Lighthouse Lady in the first place. She’ll be happy to have her family heirloom back, so if you’re the type who wants to make others happy while still getting paid, go with this option.

If you choose to sell it, you’ll just pocket the Mermaid Tear for yourself. The client will be understandably upset that you were unable to return it to her, and everyone just walks away disappointed. Except you, because you can now sell the Mermaid Tear to any merchant for a whopping 10,000 Gold. It’s the same price that you would have gotten for returning it to the client, so there’s really no reason to go with this option unless you like to cause problems for other people on purpose.

The Strange Fate of the Jewel is just one of many side quests in Nier Replicant. Most side quests don’t require you to make heavy decisions like this one, but that doesn’t mean they’re all lighthearted and fun either. You’ll meet all sorts of people as you attempt to see every one of Nier Replicant’s endings, but it’s up to you to decide if you want to help out or not.

Nier Replicant is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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