Nintendo Switch OLED Restock Details (April 10-16): Target, GameStop, Walmart, and More

Nintendo Switch OLED restock details!

by Gordon Bicker


Nintendo Switch OLED has been getting snatched up by gamers around the world for its vivid display and an equally great variety of games that people can play with the console. Of course, as with all of the next-generation consoles and devices, stock has been the thing that decides whether you can get to play the Nintendo Switch OLED. Thankfully, there has been quite a lot of stock recently for the console which many people will be happy to know about. This guide article will take you through the details of the Nintendo Switch OLED April Restock.

Nintendo Switch OLED Target Restock Details

For Target, there are none currently in stock, however, for the ‘White Joy-Con’ model, you can get it shipped by Friday the 15th of April, so there is technically stock there for you to buy that version. The last restock was a little bit ago for Target so expect new stock very soon, especially before Easter arrives.

Like the PlayStation 5, restocks generally happen in waves for the OLED and when they arrive, stock is of course busy with buyers so you will need to be quick in order to grab one of them!

Nintendo Switch OLED GameStop Restock Details

As for GameStop, there is no current stock available for the console. For the White version, there is a chance that it will be stocked with bundles in the future but this is unconfirmed as of yet. For the Blue and Red version, it is said that there could be restocking within the next few weeks, even potentially this one. So once again, it will just be about refreshing pages until there happens to be stock available for you to buy.

The bundles are of course a great option for those who are looking for games to arrive with their console so waiting to see if there does happen to be any bundles for GameStop soon could be a great bet!

Nintendo Switch OLED Walmart Restock Details

For Walmart you will be happy to know there is stock for shipping by around the 14th for the red version and by around the 19th for the white version. You are able to buy both consoles as of the time of writing so be sure to grab them while you can if the prices fit what you are looking for!

However, they are sold by different sellers in Walmart so just make sure there aren’t any scalping prices through the storefront if you are planning to pick one up through here. Official stock is likely to arrive soon for both versions whatever you are looking for.

Nintendo Switch OLED Amazon Restock Details

Amazon also has stock similar to the way it did for the NVIDIA today. There is one left for the blue and white version as of the time of writing but unfortunately, none of the white version remains at the moment. It could be likely that Amazon may see another restock before Easter for the weekend, however.

The Nintendo Switch OLED is available for players at the moment to purchase when stock is there.

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