PS5 Restock Details (April 10-16): Target, GameStop, Walmart, PS Direct, and More

A PS5 restock could be on the way!

by Gordon Bicker


Years after its release, many fans of PlayStation are still hunting for the elusive PlayStation 5 across many storefronts whenever there could be a sign of a restock. Due to overwhelming interest and of course, Scalpers, the PlayStation 5 has been extremely difficult to get ahold of. However, this April that tide may change for you if you are still looking to find one in stock as there are many places rumored to have new restocks this week before Easter. This guide article will take you through many of the places where there potentially will be a PS5 April restock this week.

PS5 Target Restock Details

Stock insiders have noted that there is a possibility that new PS5 stock will be available within Target sometime between Wednesday to Friday of this upcoming week. There was also specific timing noted being 7-8 Am ET but whether that will happen is still to be seen. There are no confirmed details of the restock yet but many people are hopeful that this will be the week that they can grab a PS5 from Target.

Target prices for the console have been $499 for the physical edition and $399 for the digital edition of the console so these prices are similar to the majority of other prices across the internet.

PS5 GameStop Restock Details

Gamestop had recently had another batch of PS5 consoles so there is no guarantee that they will have more stock at the start of April. However, if they do, they commonly arrive in bundles so if you are potentially trying to find a console with some great PlayStation 5 games included. Then GameStop may be the place for you to look for the console.

PS5 Walmart Restock Details

There was the hope of a PS5 Walmart restock recently but now that hope has translated into this upcoming week. Be sure to keep an eye on Walmart throughout this week and especially early morning around 7:30 Am ET. Most console drops go live early in the morning so getting up early will be a surefire bet in order to grab a console quickly if there is a restock.

PS5 PS Direct Restock Details

Buying the console directly from Sony will normally allow you to join a sort of queue for the console in order to obtain it. People will be selected and notified that they can get a console and purchase it. This option may be a blessing for those who have a great degree of luck with things!

Again, there are no confirmed details but with the start of a new month and Easter around the corner, April will certainly be a prime bet for new consoles to appear through PS Direct.

PS5 Amazon Restock Details

Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of Amazon! No doubt at times the store can be the savior of many hopes for the console. There was a restock of the PS5 Digital Edition on March the 30th with stock gone now, but given the fact that there was no physical edition stock, it may be a likelihood that we could see some new stock from Amazon this week.

They may be preparing for releasing the physical edition in a large wave giving more people the opportunity to grab the console before Easter if there is indeed a PS5 April restock for the site. Whether you are planning to get the console before the latest changes to PS Plus, or are simply wanting to get hold of the console so you can play with the latest generation, there is hope that this restock may allow you to do that.

Playstation 5 is available for players at the moment to purchase when stock is there.

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