No More Heroes 3: How to Stun Enemies and Bosses

Put on a stunning display!

by Andron Smith

Learning how to stun in No More Heroes 3 will really change up your game. Stunning enemies will allow Travis to execute amazing wrestling moves that can fully recharge the beam katana as well as deal a crapload of damage. What’s more, bosses are not immune to getting stunned. Gold Joe in particular can be chain-stunned if you do it well. While there hasn’t been a deep dive into the exact math behind stunning an enemy, we still managed to perform more powerbombs during our time with the game than we can count. Here’s everything we know on How to Stun in No More Heroes 3.

How to Stun in No More Heroes 3

To stun in No More Heroes 3, you’ll need to consecutively land attacks on enemies without relenting as stars appear over their heads. Any break in the onslaught seems to slowly drain the stun meter but there is no onscreen indication of this. Again, there hasn’t been a deep dive into this yet so we can only relay what has worked for us. See below for our techniques that have lead to stunning results. Heh.

Stone Cold Fun

During our time with the game, we found that mixing up big damage moves such as the Death Kick followed by heavy attacks typically resulted in a stunned enemy faster than simply hitting an enemy with light attacks repeatedly. However, the main objective appears to be to hit them as much as you can while not getting hit yourself. Below are a few things to try if you are having trouble stunning enemies.

  • Perform a perfect dodge → baby wrestling move → do a full light hit combo → start a heavy combo. By the middle of the heavy combo, you’ll probably have the enemy stunned already and primed for a pro wrestling move
  • Perform a light combo → Death Kick → heavy combo. Again, should be stunned near the middle of the heavy combo
  • Death Kick → Death Rain (be sure they are stuck in it) → Light combo. Should get stunned pretty quickly due to the large number of hits occurring at once.
  • Death Rain + Death Slow (make sure they are stuck in it and now cannot escape) → 2x Light Combo. Since they can’t react, should be a pretty quick stun.

No More Heroes 3 is available now on the Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check the rest of our No More Heroes 3 Guides while you’re here!