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Oninaki: How To Transmute For New Weapons and Shadestones

by Dean James


Unlike most RPGs, Oninaki surprisingly does not have a shop system for you to buy new weapons and such from in the game. Instead, you find all kinds of different weapons and Shadestones as loot for killing enemies. There is one other way to acquire weapons and Shadestones though, so this guide will explain this alternate method.

How To Transmute For Weapons and Shadestones in Oninaki

Transmuting is often a factor in games as a way to acquire special items by utilizing other items you already have in your inventory. Oninaki is no different, as you can transmute your abundance of weapons into other weapons or even Shadestones.

To do this, first travel to Szaka on the World Map and select Deto and travel spot #2. When you arrive, go directly to the left and speak with the Alchemist that has also helped us with weapon upgrades and equipping of Shadestones.

After speaking with him, select Transmute and you will be presented with three items to choose from. You can scroll between these three, with each having a number beneath it. This number is the power required to transmute into this item.

Selecting an item will bring up a list of all of your weapons, which you can then select from to transmute, with up to eight being able to be selected. Each of these also have a number beside them, so pick enough of them to surpass the required number and you can create this new weapon or Shadestone right away.

Depending on the materials you use towards the item here, you may also get special bonuses on the new item as well. Once you get all three items, you can go kill a certain amount of enemies as displayed on screen and return for a select of different weapons and Shadestones.

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