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Outriders – Can You Play Solo

Just because it's a team game doesn't mean you have to play with others.

by Brandon Adams


Outriders is a third-person cooperative looter-shooter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it solo. The game has full drop-in/drop-out co-op and cross-play for those who like to play with friends or strangers, but it appears lone wolves won’t have much issue enjoying People Can Fly’s latest game. They’ll just need to be mindful of Outriders’ difficulty settings – AKA World Tires – if they want to actually enjoy their time solo.

Outriders plays fine solo, but you’ll want to pay attention to your World Tier.

I’ll get this statement out of the way upfront: Outriders does play best with a team, since the four classes synergize rather well together. That said, solo play isn’t all that inferior. You’ll miss out on some cool cross-class combos with your skills, talents, and mods, but in no way is Outriders a terrible solo experience.

Having played the demo all the way through both in a group and alone, I found solo worked just fine, albeit with one major consideration: World Tiers. World Tiers are how Outriders handles difficulty: each tier ups the challenge, but also increases the rewards available. By default the game will increase your World Tier automatically (you level it up, as seen by the yellow bar below the blue experience bar for your traditional level). Sometimes you’ll find yourself moving up into a new World Tier without the gear needed to survive, and it’s in this regard that solo play in Outriders can get a little messy.

Thankfully you can adjust your World Tier at any time by opening the main menu, where you’ll find World Tier is the first option. You won’t have to reload your game, or restart whatever encounter you are in: World Tier can be adjusted on the fly. This is great for moments where you find yourself barely scrapping by, because you can instantly downscale the World Tier in Outriders until you get that shiny new drop that’ll enable you to jump back up.

World Tier auto-scaling can be disabled within the Gameplay setting menu and within the World Tier menu itself, which I recommend doing if you plan to play Outriders solo. You can adjust World Tier in Outriders easily enough, and manually doing so will ensure the game never becomes more of a challenge than you can handle: perfect for solo players looking to have a good time without needing to drag other people along.

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