Where to Find Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

You need Ancient Civilization Parts to build some of the coolest things this game has to offer.

by Davi Braid

In the open-world survival game Palworld, players often find themselves in need of Ancient Civilization Parts. But where can you find them?

Ancient Civilization Parts, also called Paldium Crystals in the early version of Palworld, are crucial for crafting various items. For instance, you will need this material if you want a grappling hook, an incubator, or even a hip lantern. Luckily, it’s not hard to find Paldium Crystals in this game.

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How to Get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld

The most reliable method to acquire Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld is by defeating bosses, but they can also be found in chests around the overworld.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Boss fights, whether they occur in the open world or inside dungeons, reward players with these coveted parts. The dungeons of Palworld are repeatable, and once you beat them, you can go straight to the boss fight if you know the way, making it relatively easy to grind and farm them for Ancient Civilization Parts.

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You want to start looking for Boss Fights around the tower icon in the image above. When you explore the map, you might encounter an area with a particularly strong Pal. This Pal will then show up on your map and count as a boss fight.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Not only can you capture it with a Pal Sphere, which means you will have a larger version of that species, but you will also be awarded some extra items for defeating that creature. You’ll get one Ancient Civilization Part from a defeated boss in our experience, so be prepared to grind those fights.

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The same can be said about fighting bosses in Dungeons. The best one is the dungeon near the boss fight against Zoe and Grizzbolt, right next to the tower mentioned above. The enemies are near level 10, the bosses are rarely hard, and you will get Ancient Civilization Parts once the boss is defeated without worrying much about losing all your items. If you lose, you can get your bag in front of the dungeon, right next to the Fast Travel point.

Finding Ancient Civilization Parts in Chests

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You can also find Ancient Civilization Parts in chests scattered throughout the game map or at the end of a dungeon. However, relying on chests as a primary method of acquiring resources is not an efficient strategy. Since they contain randomized items, you can never know what you will get from them.

Whether you’re crafting a grappling hook or an incubator, knowing where to find Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld can significantly enhance your gameplay experience.

Next, your journey may take you toward more resource gathering. If you’re looking for Ore, Paldium Fragments, Wheat Seeds, then Attack of the Fanboy will lead you in the right direction.

- This article was updated on January 22nd, 2024

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