Palworld: Best Pals for Farming and All Ranch Drops

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by Davi Braid
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In this guide, we’ll dive into the best Pals for Farming in Palworld, where to find them, and which items they drop when you assign them to work at your Ranch.

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All Ranch Drops in Palworld

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Refer to the table below to learn about the items you can obtain by assigning Pals to the Ranch, and which Pals drop those items:

Item DroppedPal
Cotton CandyWoolipop
Flame OrganFlambelle
Gold CoinMau, Mau Cryst
High Quality ClothSibelyx
Red BerriesCaprity
WoolLamball, Cremis, Melpaca

Vixy stands out in this table. Unlike other Pals, Vixy can discover random items like Pal Spheres and Arrows. It can be fun to have a ranch with these Pals just digging up random items for you, probably saving you some time that you’d have to spend at the Workbench.

If you plan to breed Pals, it’s essential to have a Chikipi, Beegarde, and Mozzarina at your ranch, as you’ll frequently need Eggs, Milk, and Honey to bake a Cake.

Best Pals for Farming in Palworld

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The most important Pals you need for farming are Lamball, Chikipi, Flambelle, Beegarde, Mozzarina, and Sibelyx when you’re approaching the mid-game. Although there are items that only the other Pals in the table above drop, the ones I listed drop items that you’ll always need, or need for important things such as breeding, building stations, and making armor.

However, it’s important to note that there isn’t a single best Pal for farming in Palworld. All Pals in the game with a Farming (or Idle) Work Suitability have it at level 1. That said, the items they drop, or how easy it is to find some of these Pals, significantly changes from Pal to Pal.

Keep in mind, if you require Flame Organs and High Quality Pal Oil, capturing a few extra Flambelles could be beneficial. They drop both items when captured or defeated and drop Flame Organs at the ranch, making them an important acquisition for farmers in Palworld. Also, note that some items are more important and much harder to find than others. Chikipi and Lamball can be found all over the map, especially in the initial area in the south of the world.

Where to Find Mozzarina

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Mozzarina can be found in the forest near the desert. You can also hunt them during the night when they’re asleep, but be cautious of dangerous Dark-type Pals.

Where to Find Lamball

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Lamball is easy to find and easy to capture. It’s literally one of the first Pals you’re expected to capture in Palworld.

Where to Find Chikipi

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Much like Lamball, Chikipi can be found all over Palpagos Island. Chikipis are often low-level, easy-to-capture creatures unless you find an Alpha or Lucky version of it.

Where to Find Flambelle

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As you’d expect, Flambelle can be found in the hottest areas of the world. They are quite easy to capture if you have a level 30 Water-type Pal. Make sure to take advantage of their elemental type to fight them since they might group up on you.

Where to Find Beegarde

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Beegardes have the ability to self-destruct. They may circle around you and attempt to immobilize you before they explode.

Where to Find Sibelyx

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You can find Sibelyx, a powerful and dangerous Pal, around level 40 in the northern Astral Mountains. It’s safer to hunt them during the day. This region will freeze you to death almost instantly when the night falls.

- This article was updated on January 25th, 2024

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