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Persona 5 Strikers: All Requests and Where to Find Them

There are 81 Requests in the game, and we have them all listed down for you.

by Victor Vellas


Persona 5 Strikers is quite shorter than its predecessor, Persona 5, however it is no stranger to side content and collectibles to find. While it may have scrapped the turn-based formula, an action game can have equally challenging side quests, which in our case here are called Requests. Completing them unlocks a lot of rewards that cannot be obtained otherwise. Therefore, if you want to take a break from the main story, it is highly suggested to pursue these extra activities. In this guide here, we list down every single one of them, where to find them and how to complete them.

All Requests and how to find them

  1. August 2ndTake Back the Desire – Shibuya Jail: Received from Futaba by default. Simply head to the Shibuya Jail and win the fight at the first intersection.
  2. August 3rdPrison Mail, Part 1 – Fuse Archangel with the Skill Amrita Drop. Fuse Andras with Succubus to receive Hua Po. Fuse Level Hua Po with High Pixie.
  3. August 3rdPainful Past: Alice Hiiragi – Shibuya Jail: Return to Shibuya Jail and defeat Alice again.
  4. August 3rdGusts of Punishment – Shibuya Jail: Defeat 3 Succubus with their weakness (Wind/Bless) -Shibuya 705 Area.
  5. August 3rdCold-Blooded Treatment – Sendai Jail: Defeat 3 Lamia with their weakness (Ice).
  6. August 3rdSendai Sweets – Speak with Ann to get the request, then get everything she wants from the shops or vending machines.
  7. August 3rdLending a Paw – After completing the Requests in Shibuya, come back to Sendai. Mona will request help with getting stuff for Ann. Speak with the NPCs at the park and when the lady in black interacts with you, head to the station. Approach Futaba and listen to the guy next to her, then head back to the lady in black and buy whatever needed from Cafe Blue, the shop that is right next to you.
  8. August 8thTrapped in WonderlandMona Box 1 – Shibuya Jail: Return to the sewers where you met Sophie. Climb up the drains to find Mona’s Desire.
  9. August 8thJunk Collection, Part 1 – Shibuya Jail: Collect Cubes in Shibuya until you reach 15 of the needed item.
  10. August 8thPainful Past: Ango Natsume – Sendai Jail: Defeat the Dragon Boss once more.
  11. August 8thSophia’s Weapon Shop – Sendai Jail: Defeat 20 High Pixie.
  12. August 8thSophia’s Armor Shop – Sendai Jail: Defeat 5 Orthus.
  13. August 11thPrison Mail, Part 2 – Fuse Eligor alongside the skill Divine Grace. Fuse Orthus with Lamia to create Ame no Uzune. Fuse Level Ame no Uzune with Lilim.
  14. August 11thPrison Mail, Part 3 – Fuse Kaiwan with the skill Makouga. Fuse Principality with Setanta.
  15. August 11thTrapped in a NightmareMona Box 2 – Sendai Jail: Climb on the roofs with the invisible platforms, on the right side of the building.
  16. August 11thEnduring a Slimy Hell – Sendai Jail: Defeat 50 Slimes as Joker.
  17. August 11thJunk Collection, Part 2 – Collect Cubes until you get 12 of the requested item.
  18. August 11thBug Blaster – Sapporo Jail: Defeat 8 Mothman with Guns.
  19. August 11thSub-Zero in Sapporo – Sapporo Jail: Defeat 20 Jack Frost with their Weakness (Fire).
  20. August 11thPsychokinetic Siege – Sapporo Jail: Defeat 3 Setanta with their Weakness (Psy).
  21. August 11thNuking the Stars – Defeat 3 Kaiwan hitting their Weakness (Nuclear).
  22. August 11thBlessing the Wicked – Defeat 3 Lilim with their Weakness (Wind/Bless).
  23. August 11thCursing Those on High – Defeat 3 Principality with their Weakness (Curse).
  24. August 11thLove Soupreme – Speak with Ryuji and he will request Meal Tickets. Then, speak with the guy in the white shirt in front of the Akagire Shop. It will in return unlock another Request you will have to finish, so head back to this one after you have completed Request 25. Return again to the this shop, after speaking to the same person again and you will be able to buy 2 Meal Tickets.
  25. August 11thThe Apothecary’s Connection – Sapporo Jail: Defeat 10 Mothman as Sophia.
  26. August 17thPrison Mail, Part 4 – Fuse Mithra with the Skill Regenerate 1. Fuse Principality with Setanta.
  27. August 17thPainful Past: Mariko Hyodo – Sapporo Jail: Beat the Snow Queen again.
  28. August 17thTrapped in a Frozen HellMona Box 3 –  Sapporo Jail: Go to Arboretum right before the first snowboard section but don’t take the snowboard. Instead, head back down and follow the path. The Box can be found as you travel along.
  29. August 17thJunk Collection, Part 3 – Sapporo Jail: Collect Cubes until you have 12 of the item needed.
  30. August 17thBeachside Blast – Sapporo Jail: Speak with Makoto on the beach. Then, buy a watermelon from one of the shops in Okinawa. Also, defeat 10 Jack Frost as Makoto.
  31. August 18thOkinawan Art Appreciation – Okinawa Jail: Speak with Yusuke after finishing the dungeon and defeat 10 Shiisa as Yusuke.
  32. August 23rdPrison Mail, Part 5 – You need Unicorn with the skill Zionga. Fuse Shiisa with Black Ooze.
  33. August 23rdElegant Experiment – Defeat 8 enemies at once with a Showtime Attack.
  34. August 23rdJunk Collection, Part 4 – In Okinawa’s Jail collect Cubes until you reach 12 of the item needed.
  35. August 23rdShocking the Scum – Okinawa Jail: Defeat 20 Black Ooze with their Weakness (Lightning).
  36. August 23rdTrapped in RuinsMona Box 4 – Okinawa Jail: It’s on top of a container in the area with the Dire Shadow enemy.
  37. August 24thA Thief’s Challenge: Panther – Start in Shibuya Jail and reach the sewers without being noticed. You can attack ambush enemies, as long as the alarm is not raised.
  38. August 24thSophia’s Armor Shop Redux – Kyoto Jail: Defeat 10 Koppa Tengu as Wolf.
  39. August 24thSophia’s Weapon Shop Redux – Kyoto Jail: Hit 5 Neko Shogun with a Phantom Dash.
  40. August 24thAn Ebon God Descends– By default, you will be sent to the Velvet Room automatically, getting the Request. You need to find a mini-boss in Sendai and beat him, located at the second checkpoint.
  41. August 24thCooking Papa – Speak with Zenkichi and follow th Request’s instructions. At a point, you will need to cook the recipe Futaba and Haru mention.
  42. August 24thObanzai Ingredients – Continuation from the previous Request, Haru will ask for some ingredients. Get them from Shop and Sophia’s service.
  43. August 24thForging the Ultimate Menu – After cooking all of the the stuff above, speak with Futaba and she will also give you a list. Get everything and deliver them accordingly – That’s when the “What are Friends for?” Trophy should unlock, if you have completed these 3 chain quests and if you are playing on PS4.
  44. August 24thTrapped in Shrine Gates– Kyoto Jail: It is in one of the areas with a small lantern and Neko Shogun spawning.
  45. August 24thJunk Collection, Part 5 – Kyoto Jail: Collect Cubes until you have enough materials
  46. August 24thA Thief’s Challenge: Fox – Reach the destination without everyone noticing you. Again, you can attack them as long as the alarm is not raised.
  47. August 24thA Thief’s Challenge: Wolf – Sendai Jail: Attack 10 High Pixie with a Phantom Move.
  48. August 24thPrison Mail, Part 6 – Queen Mab with skill Technical Adept. Fuse Kaiwan with a Kikuri-Hime
  49. August 24thJunk Collection, Part 6 – Osaka Jail: Collect Cubes until you have the items needed.
  50. August 24thA Thief’s Challenge: Noir – Sapporo Jail:  Reach the destination without being noticed.
  51. August 24thA Thief’s Challenge: Skull – Osaka Jail: Defeat 20 Naga and 5 Valkyrie.
  52. August 24thThe Hound of Hades Howls– Osaka Jail: Located in the Zoo area – 2nd checkpoint.
  53. August 25thElegant Experiment Extended – Defeat 12 enemies at once with Showtime Attack.
  54. August 25thA Thief’s Challenge: Queen –  Okinawa Jail: Reach the destination without being noticed.
  55. August 25thA Thief’s Challenge: Sophie – Kyoto Jail: Reach the destination without being noticed.
  56. August 25thMake the Way for the Frozen King – Sapporo Jail: Defeat the ‘powerful’ enemy in Arboretum area.
  57. August 28thTrapped in DystopiaMona Box 5 – Osaka Jail: In the air with the mass of cargo containers.
  58. August 28thPrison Mail, Part 7 – Trumpeter with the Skill Diarahan. Fuse Norn with a Sarasvati.
  59. August 28thJunk Collection, Part 7 – Osaka Jail: Collect Cubes until you have 12 of the item needed.
  60. August 28thA Thief’s Challenge: Wolf, Pt, 2 – Osaka Jail: Reach the destination without being noticed.
  61. August 28thEmployee Course Correction – Osaka Jail: Defeat 5 Ganesha and 5 Raja Naga in Osaka Jail.
  62. August 28thPainful Past: Akira Konoe – Osaka Jail: Defeat the Boss of Osaka Jail once more.
  63. August 28thHalt the Strutting Little Imp – Shibuya Jail: Located at the first intersection, at the very beginning of the Jail.
  64. August 30thPrison Mail, Part 8 – Cu Chulainn with the Skill Concentrate. Fuse Mot with a Nebiros.
  65. August 30thPrison Mail, Part 9 – Dominion with the Skill Nuke Amp. Fuse Mot with Forneus.
  66. August 30thTrapped in the AbyssMona Box 6 – Abyss Jail: It’s on the ledge right before the 3rd checkpoint.
  67. August 30thTrappen in the Great TreeMona Box 7 – Tree of Knowledge: On the fifth floor to your right there is a ledge. Grab on and the Desire should be there.
  68. August 30thJunk Collection, Part 8 – Abyss Jail: Collect Cubes until you have enough of the item requested.
  69. August 30thJunk Collection, Part 9 – Tree of Knowledge: Collect Cubes until you have enough of the item needed.
  70. August 30thA Thief’s Challenge: Mona – Abyss Jail: Reach the destination without being noticed.
  71. August 30thA Thief’s Special Challenge – Tree of Knowledge: Reach the destination without being noticed.
  72. August 30thPainful Past: Demiurge – Tree of Knowledge: Defeat the Final Boss once more.
  73. August 30thPainful Past +: Alice Hiiragi – Rematch Alice
  74. August 30thPainful Past +: Ango Nastune – Rematch the Dragon.
  75. August 30thPainful Past +: Mariko Hyodo – Rematch the Ice Queen.
  76. August 30thDragon Slayer Enters the Fray – Kyoto Jail: Follow the portals until you reach the 2 big rooms where you had to fight multiple mini bosses in the story. Defeat the powerful enemy located there.
  77. August 30thThe Writhing Nightmare Rising – Okinawa Jail: Locate a powerful enemy at the very last room of the Jail.
  78. August 30thAngel of Contracts Descends – Tree of Knowledge: Right next to the last checkpoint, before the entrance to the final boss.
  79. August 30thPainful Past +: Akira Konoe – Rematch against the robot warrior.
  80. August 30thPainful Past +: Demiurge  – Rematch the Final Boss.
  81. August 30thKnocking on Death’s Door – Okinawa Jail: At the very end of the Jail, the last powerful enemy waits for you.

Are you still here? If yes, congratulations, you have just completed every single Request in the game. It’s a quite long list, so it will of course take some time, no rush to complete them early. You also need to be prepared for some of them, as certain Bosses and powerful enemies are very tough. Make sure to grab the best gear you have and use the strongest Personas you own, in order to overcome them.

Persona 5 Strikers is available now on PC, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on:February 28th, 2021

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