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Phasmophobia – How to Make Money and How does Insurance Work

Earn cash to buy equipment and get insurance

by Kyle Hanson


Phasmophobia might seem like a fun little game of hide and seek with a ghost, but it’s not. It’s a job. A profession really, and like any other professional you need to make money if you want to continue doing what you love. And with death coming so swiftly and at such a high cost, money is even more important in this game than most others. Dying doesn’t reaet you completely like in a roguelike, but it’s pretty close. So here’s some tips for how to make money in Phasmophobia with an extra explanation of how does insurance work.

How to Make Money

Making money in Phasmophobia is both really easy and really hard. It’s easy because the mechanics are actually pretty simple, especially compared to most other parts of the game. Completing objectives gives you cash along with any pictures you take of ghostly activity. We explained how to take pictures here, including the things you should take pictures of, but in short you’ll want to snap pics of any objectives, the ghost itself, fingerprints, bones, dead bodies (of your fellow players), or the Ouija Board if it appears. Getting a good picture of any of these will net you about $10, a paltry sum but it adds up. And once you have more you’ll want to use it to buy equipment. Of course, if you die you could lose it all, which brings us to the next question.

How does Insurance Work

Insurance is the game’s way of lessening the impact of death. If you die while on a mission any equipment or items you brought along are left behind. This can be quite costly, especially with higher level items like motion sensors and head cameras. Thankfully you automatically have insurance that will kick in upon death, reimbursing you for some of the costs you incurred (you know, for dying). The level of insurance is determined by the difficulty level of the mission. Amateur levels will give you 50% of the cost of your items back, Intermediate will offer a 25% return, while Professionals get nothing back. If you die, all your equipment is gone and must be purchased again, so try not to let it happen.

But if it does, at least now you know how to make money and how does insurance work in Phasmophobia.

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