Pizza Tower – How To Unlock All Outfits

Unlock every outfit in Pizza Tower with this guide!

by Shaun Cichacki

While Peppino Spaghetti may be one of the most beautiful characters created in the world of gaming, Pizza Tower fans may want to give him a bit of an outfit change shortly. While working your way through countless enemies, there’s a chance that this impeccably white apron may be stained with the sauce of your enemies.

Thankfully, there are a few different outfits that players will get to claim, and while they may not drastically change the whole look and vibe of Peppino himself, it’s a nice change of scenery, especially for those speedrunning the game once again. Let’s find out how to unlock all of these spare clothing choices, and make our way up the Pizza Tower once more.

All Unlockable Outfits In Pizza Tower & Requirements To Unlock Them

Not only will players get the chance to unlock some new color options for their clothing, but they’ll also get the opportunity to spice things up with a new pattern for their apron and hat. Here are all of the requirements needed to unlock these special items.

All Color Options In Pizza Tower

Clothing Color NameRequirements To Unlock
Classic CookDefault Clothing
Blood RedKill 1000 Enemies in a playthrough
Dark CookNever get hit by a Boss character
Garish Cook Taunt enemies 50 times in a playthrough
Golden GodS Rank every level in the game
Money GreenMaximum Money amount by World 2
Mooney OrangeGive Mr. Mooney some money
Sage BlueFinish Floor 1 in under an hour, time spent in the lobby counts towards this time
Sh*tty CookCrouch on a poop spot in the Oh Sh*t! Level for 10 seconds
TV PurpleGet a P Rank in every level (No hits taken)
Unfunny Cook (Gray)End a combo with an Unfunny combo title

All Clothing Patterns In Pizza Tower

Bad BonesGet hurt 50 times
Bowling StripesKill 30 Bowling Rats
Funny PolkaEnd a combo on the Funny title
GoldermanneClear Every Chef Task room
Itchy SweaterGet punched by Grandpa Pepper (unlockable in The Pig City level)
John SuitResurrect Pillar John in less than 2 hours and 15 minutes.
Pizza ManBeat the game
PP ShirtBeat the game twice
War CamoBeat WAR minigame the first time you play it (can use a separate save file)

As players make their way through this cheesy slice of heaven, gamers can only hope to take it on the go shortly. With all of the madcap antics that take place during this adventure, it’s easy to see why Pizza Tower is causing players to feel some palpitations in their hearts. We promise it isn’t too much pizza, just make sure to wash it down with water.

Pizza Tower is available now on PC.

- This article was updated on February 7th, 2023