Pokemon GO: How To Capture Relicanth & Can It Be Shiny?

How can players capture this Pokemon, and can it be Shiny?

by Shaun Cichacki
Image: Attack of The Fanboy

While most Pokemon are rather easy to find in the world of Pokemon GO, players can’t seem to get enough of this prehistoric fish. Gamers hoping to add Relicanth to their team may need to book a flight in the future, as it is one of the most hard-to-get creatures in the game. As a local to only one specific spot, North American gamers finally have their chance to get it. But, where can they find it at this time, and will it ever be globally released?

How To Catch Relicanth In Pokemon GO

While Relicanth may not be the most powerful Pokemon in the game, this particular fish is local only to the New Zealand area, and cannot be found anywhere else. That is, until the Pokemon GO: Hoenn Tour in Las Vegas kicks off, giving gamers the chance to finally wrangle one of these creatures into their party. Most players really couldn’t care less about this monster, to be blunt, but those hoping to complete their PokeDex have been waiting for the opportunity to get one of their own.

While it may be strange to lock a specific Pokemon such as this one behind an event, it seems that players are used to this kind of treatment, as plenty of more powerful creatures have been locked behind a paywall of sorts in this AR adventure.

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Can Relicanth Be Shiny In Pokemon GO?

Gamers that are heading out to the Pokemon GO: Hoenn Tour may be wondering if they can not only add this Pokemon to their PokeDex but if their Shiny Version is also available in this app. Thankfully, those that are fans of Shiny Hunting will be happy to know that they can track down and capture this Pokemon in this rare form.

Taking on a pale blue shade to their otherwise drab appearance, there is a chance this fish could end up in our Best Shiny Pokemon list if they were a bit easier to find. Players that have purchased the Pokemon GO: Hoenn Tour ticket will have increased chances of finding this Shiny Pokemon in the wild, much like Kecleon.

Trainers heading out to Las Vegas to participate in this event should consider upgrading their Inventory Space before landing, as well as contemplate the usefulness of an Auto Catcher. This accessory can make the task of capturing tons of Pokemon easier than ever before, so get ready for the time of your life while searching for this ancient sea creature.

- This article was updated on February 17th, 2023