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Pokémon GO – How to Catch Chansey (Flower Crown) for the Collection Challenge

by Kyle Hanson


The Spring into Spring Collection Challenge has officially begun with catching Flower Crown Chansey as one of the tougher missions in Pokémon GO. This rare character is being offered in a new form for the event, and players are being tasked with finding one if they want to finish the mission. To help, here’s some tips and tricks for how to catch Chansey with a Flower Crown for the Spring into Spring Collection Challenge in Pokémon GO.

How to Catch Flower Crown Chansey in Pokémon GO

Flower Crown Chansey will be appearing more often in the wild during the event, which lasts form Sunday, April 4th until Thursday, April 8th. Since egg hatches and evolves that aren’t specifically a part of the Challenge don’t count, finding one is the real goal if you want to complete it.

UPDATE: Flower Crown Chansey will also be in 3-Star raids, along with what’s mentioned below. Fighting type Pokémon work as the best counters.

Original text: This means you’ll need to watch your Nearby radar screen to see if any pop up, and will have to keep a vigilant eye on your surroundings as you play. Thankfully, they should show up at the top of your radar since they count as a new Pokémon. But what do you do if none shows up?

Incense will be your best friend for the next few days. Activating one will give you an hour of fresh spawns, with the majority being pulled from the event exclusive pool. This means Flower Crown Chansey will be much more common when using an Incense while the Spring into Spring event is active.

Keep popping Incense and keep an eye on your Nearby and you should see one pop up soon. However, you may face the wrath of the RNG and end up with none in the wild. Thankfully there is a way to catch one without waiting on that. The Catch 25 Exeggcute Field Research and Use an Incense tasks will reward a Flower Crown Chansey encounter, so try to get either from a Poké Stop and complete it to finish this part of the Challenge. And if you’re truly lucky you might end up with a Shiny Flower Crown Chansey.

How to Get Shiny Flower Crown Chansey

Shiny odds aren’t being boosted for this newly introduced shiny variant, but players will certainly want to try to get one anyway. All of the tips above apply doubly so for Shiny Flower Crown Chansey, who will be an extremely rare and valuable Pokémon to add to your collection.

UPDATE: Raids are also a fantastic chance to catch Shiny Flower Crown Chansey, so add those to the tips below.

Keep your Incense active any time you play, if you have them available. Otherwise the odds of finding one will be extremely low, as Chansey is already pretty rare and the shiny version even moreso. Still, if you play a lot, explore the area safely, and use Incense there’s a decent chance of finding one in the wild.

However, if you don’t care about the Collection Challenge there is another opportunity. Flower Crown Happiny will be hatching from event exclusive 2km eggs, so this is a good way to get one even if it won’t count for the Spring into Spring Collection Challenge.

And that’s how to catch Flower Crown Chansey for the Spring into Spring Collection Challenge in Pokémon GO. If you need help with the rest of the Challenge check out our full guide. Or check here for more on the Spring into Spring event as a whole.

- This article was updated on:April 3rd, 2021

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