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Pokémon GO Snivy Community Day Guide – Is The Community Day Box Worth It

Elite Charged TM is the main attraction.

by Dean James


Another month has come and gone and that means it is time for another Pokemon GO Community Day Event. April’s Community Day is focused on the fifth generation starter Snivy, but there is always more to the event itself than just the Pokemon. While you can read about what makes up this Community Day as a whole in another guide, this guide will be focusing exclusively on the latest Community Day Box and whether it is worth the cost or not.

Is The Community Day Box Worth It?

Every Community Day brings not only the free event that everyone can enjoy, but also a few paid options that you can choose to purchase or not. The first of these are the Community Day tickets, in this case the ‘Snivy in the Sunshine’ ticket. That ticket is only $0.99, so it’s hard to feel too bad if you don’t get too much out of it. The Community Day boxes are a different story though, as they are much more pricy.

The Snivy Community Day Box costs 1,280 coins, which is equivalent to just under $11 if you purchase the 1,200 and 100 Pokécoins bundles respectively. This is nearly 11 times more expensive than the ticket, so we are going to break down what you get and if it’s actually worth it.

Within the Snivy Community Day Box comes 50x Ultra Balls, 4x Star Piece, 4x Mossy Lure Modules, and 1x Elite Charged TM. To start, let’s price these out if you were to purchase them yourself, though only two of them are purchasable in the game. Star Pieces cost 100 Pokécoins each, so that would be 400 for four of them if bought separately. Mossy Lure Modules cost 200 Pokécoins each, which would mean 800 Pokécoins for all of them. if you add the 800 and 400 together there, you are only 80 coins short of the entire bundle. That means technically you would only be paying 80 Pokécoins for 50 Ultra Balls and one Elite Charged TM, which is a steal in the end.

The big deal with this Community Day Box as always though is the Elite Charged TM. These cannot be bought in the game at all and are quite rare to acquire. This is why Niantic places them in these boxes, as they know people will buy the box just for these even if they never use the others at all. If you really want Elite Charged TMs, it’s hard to say the box isn’t worth it since they are so rare to get. However, that is a lot of money if you are only planning on using them. If you actually will be using the other items in the box though, this box is very well worth the cost.

Don’t forget that the Snivy Community Day Box will only be available for the event, so don’t forget to purchase it during the event on Sunday, April 11.

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