Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to Master Moves

Mastering moves with style in Pokemon Legends Arceus!

by Gordon Bicker


Pokemon Legends Arceus has released and players have been exploring the Hisui Region with discovery lurking around every corner. Of course, many trainers have been catching a diverse array of Pokemon since release day. Some are easier than others to catch and players will enjoy obtaining Pokemon such as Eevee to add to their Pokemon collection. Ultimately, you will want to be levelling up your Pokemon as you venture onwards with your journey through the Hisui Region. In turn, you will also be able to ‘Master’ moves in the experience. This guide article will take you through the process of how to master moves in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

How to Master Moves Within Pokemon Legends Arceus

Moves can be mastered by Pokemon once they have levelled up the particular Pokemon with the moves equipped on them that they want to master. Once a move has been mastered, players will be able to utilise ‘Master Moves’ to let the Pokemon use different patterns of attack, specifically the movement patterns. They can use the ‘Strong/Powerful Styles’ or the ‘Agility Style’.

The Strong attacks from the powerful styles will increase the overall damage by 25% and also even slow down the opposing Pokemon/foe in the ACM (Action-Command-Menu) at the same time. The ‘Agility Style’ moves on the other side will increase the overall speed of the Pokemon in the ACM, however reduce your Pokemon’s attack power by 25%.

As can be observed, players will have to know what they want to prioritise for any particular battle that you have mastered your Pokemon’s moves for. Speed or strength, the choice is up to you! The new mechanics add an exciting new layer of combat to the experience that will needless to say keep players thinking about what Pokemon they are bringing for a certain battle.

How to Quickly Level Up Moves

In terms of levelling up the Pokemon and the moves themselves, there are a few things you can do to quickly level up Pokemon. Firstly, simply making sure to battle other Pokemon on a frequent basis with the Pokemon you want to level will observe you getting a lot of Exp in a short amount of time. Furthermore however, if you want a boost in exp, you can also utilise some Experience Candy.

Another way you can quickly level up your Pokemon is by battling two specific Pokemon if you have progressed through the story enough. You will need to encounter Alpha Chansey and Alpha Blissey. These Pokemon are extremely powerful but they will reward you with a lot of exp and more Exp Candy for you to utilise. Alpha Chansey can be found in the ‘Cobalt Coastlands’ on the island south-east of ‘Sand’s Reach’. Alpha Blissey can instead be found in the ‘Obsidian Fieldlands’ near the right side of the river for you to encounter. Farming these Pokemon will let you get Exp in no time!

Will you be mastering moves within Pokemon Legends Arceus this month?

Pokemon Legends Arceus is available on Nintendo Switch now.

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