Pokemon Legends Arceus – Where to Find Apricorns

They don't fall far from the tree.

by J.R. Waugh


Pokemon Legends Arceus is finally out and fans are eager to dive into the Hisui Region for the first time!  One of the biggest ways in which this game changes up the formula is that it has changed how the iconic Poke Ball can be acquired, opting for a streamlined process of gathering crafting components to make the more primitive models that exist in the game’s period.  One central component for the Poke Ball and their more reliable Great and Ultra Ball is the humble Apricorn.  Find out here where you can find Apricorns in Pokemon Legends Arceus!

Pokemon Legends Arceus – Where to Find Apricorns


PLA takes no time in showing you where you can find your Apricorns; in fact, you can find it right in the first area you can openly explore after the intro, the Obsidian Fieldlands.  You’ll see plenty of Apricorns scattered about, either growing on their respective trees marked with a darker bark and leaves sporting a more yellow color tone.  You’ll see quite a few of these trees from the very start on Aspiration Hill.  Simply hit X to swap to a Pokemon in your party, aim with ZR at the tree, and throw, your Pokemon will hit the tree and knock them down for you, allowing you to collect them in bulk.


Additionally, you’ll find the odd Apricorn scattered about on the fields.  Shortly after exploring you’ll likely find quite a few of these, and they’ll be easy to spot in your later travels.  Once you pick it up, be sure to come by later and you’ll find more on the grounds rather easily.  But naturally, be on the lookout for trees first and foremost.  Many of the sources of Apricorns in the game will be static spawn locations, so be sure to return to where you spot them from time to time.


This concludes our guide on where to find Apricorns in Pokemon Legends Arceus!  Be on the lookout for more Pokemon Legends Arceus guides like this!


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