Pokemon Legends Arceus: Where to Find the Pokemon With Two Tail Fins

Sail your way to victory with this handy guide

by Shaun Cichacki


Pokemon Legends: Arceus, available now for the Nintendo Switch, offers quite a few different gameplay elements compared to previous Pokemon titles. Request and Mission are new to the mainline Pokemon series, with many different sidequests filling up your time in the Hisui region.

Making your way through these different Requests will help you not only increase your inventory items, but also help you along on your quest to fill your Pokedex, as some requests have you catching Pokemon for people that aren’t sure where to find them. Double The Tails, Double The Fun is the perfect example, as someone is requesting to see a Pokemon with two tail fins that they would like to see once more. It’s up to you to catch this Pokemon, Finneon, and show it to your quest give.

Following this guide, we will help you finish and complete the Double The Tails, Double The Fun request, where you are tasked with finding a Pokemon with two tail fins.

Where to find Finneon, the Two-Tailed Pokemon


To find Finneon, the two-tailed Pokemon, and complete the request, you’ll want to make the trip to the Cobalt Coastlands. Once making it there, you’ll want to use any Pokemon that knows Surf, and if you need help with that, follow our handy guide on how to unlock that ability.

Making your way into the ocean blue, you’ll want to take a few laps around the water, until you can start seeing catchable Pokemon in the water. Use any Pokeball that you would like to toss at the unsuspecting Finneon, and add it to your Pokedex. If you are having trouble catching them in the water, don’t fret! You can always battle them, and capture them that way.

After catching Finneon, make your way back to the quest giver, and claim your reward, which just so happens to be a valuable Star PieceStar Pieces are very good for increasing your overall cash flow, as they are worth 5,000 cash.

To quickly recap:

  • Travel to the Cobalt Coastlands
  • Use a Pokemon that knows “Surf”
  • Sneak up behind, or battle against a Finneon and Capture it
  • Return to the Quest Giver
  • Claim Your Prize

And that’s all there is to finishing off another request in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. For more helpful tips and tricks, such as which is the best starting Pokemon, follow along with our helpful guide section!

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