Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Picnics Explained

Time for a break

by Kara Phillips

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have introduced many new mechanics throughout a trainer’s adventure in Paldea, but there’s still much to explore. So, if you’re traveling between areas and want to take a break to enjoy the new region with your party, then take a seat and explore what you can do with a Picnic. Picnics act similarly to pitching a camp in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but instead of just being an excuse to cook, they have a lot more purpose, so if you are looking for a sweet way to sit back and spend some time with your hard-working party, read on to discover how you can utilize everything a picnic can do for you.

What is the Purpose of Picnics in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Aside from offering a scenic break during your adventure, Picnics are an excellent way for you to spend time with your Pokemon outside of battles and work on strengthening your bond. While hosting a picnic, you’ll be able to play with your Pokemon, give them some affection, and provide them with a bath to get rid of any scrapes or bruises they might’ve gained while fighting. If you’re playing through Scarlet and Violet with friends, you can host picnics together as well, which is an excellent opportunity for Pokemon to bond with one another outside of the limitations of your party. However, the main appeal of hosting a picnic is the beautiful world of sandwich creation.

Similar to cooking Curry in Galar, picnics offer the opportunity to create a snack with ingredients you have collected around the region, to feed yourself and your party. They offer additional perks such as strengthening certain moves or increasing the spawn rate of certain types of Pokemon depending on what ingredients you use, so it’s trial and error until you find something you love.

Additionally, with the lack of a daycare center in generation 9, picnics are a one-stop shop for Pokemon breeding, but you’ll need two compatible Pokemon in your party for this to work. During your picnic, you’ll be able to check the basket toward the front of your table to collect any Pokemon eggs that may appear while you’re playing with your Pokemon. Up to ten eggs can be stored in this basket, so it’s best to check whenever you have the chance.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

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