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Pokemon Sword and Shield – How to Evolve Eevee

Evolve this Pokemon into something completely different.

by William Schwartz


Eevee is one of the most well-rounded Pokemon there is, especially when you consider how many different ways this Pokemon can evolve.  In this guide we’ll explain how to get an Eevee and then how to evolve Eevee.

So you’re going to need to actually catch an Eevee in the wild before you can do any evolutions.  If you have an Eevee but you got them as your Let’s Go present from the kids at the train station, you’ll need to catch one to do the evolution.  Eevee is pretty easy to catch, and early on in the game too.  If you head to Zone 4 you’ll find Eevee roaming around the yellow tall grass in this area.  Simply use your Pokemon catching skills to add an Eevee to your party.

To evolve Eevee you will need to actually level it up a bit and you’ll need an Evolution Stone.  Depending on the stone, you can evolve Eevee in different ways.  In this example we’re going to use the Leaf Stone on Eevee which will evolve it into a Grass Type Leafeon.

Different stones will have a different effect on Eevee.

Select the stone you want to use on Eevee and then evolve


To actually do the Evolution for Eevee you need to head into your bag and then go to “Other Items”.  Any stones that you have will be found here.  When you find the stone you want to use, highlight it and then press “Use This Item”.  When you do, you will see which Pokemon this is compatible with.  Once you use the item on Eevee it will go through the transformation process and you’ll likely learn a few moves along the way as well.

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