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Pokémon UNITE Blastoise Build: Best Items and Moveset

Blast into battle with your favourite water type.

by Connor Christie


With Blastoise having finally arrived in Pokémon UNITE, many are discussing the best possible build for the Pokémon. The inclusion is an anticipated addition to the meta and completes the three starter evolutions from the original Pokemon games. We’re here to explain the best way of using the big blue Mon in battle so you can take to the arena with confidence.

Strategy and Setup – Blastoise Build

It’s no real surprise that Blastoise finds itself in the Defender category, so the former member of the Squirtle Squad will be able to tank through hits with relative ease. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch, and with the helpful Torrent ability carried over from the main games, this water type receives a Special Attack boost at under 50% of health. These features make Blastoise as annoying a wall as Snorlax, and his early community rankings find him one of the best defensive options in the game.

In terms of strategy, Blastoise is a good fit in supporting Attackers due to his nature as an attacking wall. Pair him up with someone’s Pikachu or Cinderace, and you should at least be competitive on the upper flank. He’s also instrumental in team assaults, so bring him into the fray for any Drednaw or Zapdos attack, as his powerful Unite Move Hydro Typhoon will launch away enemies and provide a temporary shield.



  • Water Spout – Shoot water in the direction of your opponent and decrease their movement speed while dealing damage.
  • Hydro Pump – Keep the opponents at bay with Blastoise’s canon crowd control. This attack blasts water at the opponent, dealing damaging and stopping them from moving towards you.
  • Rapid Spin – Boost the power of your Hyrdo Pump, Rapid Spin and your basic attacks with this move. At Level 13, this move receives an upgrade, and you’ll take minor damage as you spin your enemies into submission.


  • Buddy Barrier – Provides HP boosts for yourself and surrounding allies when your Unite Move is activated.
  • Focus Band – Restores health when your Pokémon has fallen below a certain threshold.
  • Wise Glasses – Boosts your Special Attack for an even more powerful Hydro Pump.


  • Eject Button – Get to safety quick by dashing in a selected direction with this item.

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Pokémon UNITE is now available on Nintendo Switch and will release for mobile devices later this month.

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