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Red Dead Online – How to Get Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps are yet another great source of gold.

by William Schwartz


Getting treasure maps will get you a supply of cash, gold and other rewards.  Since gold can help you out in big ways by giving you the chance to take on new roles, purchase new items and more, treasure maps are one of the most sought after items in the game.  There are a few sure fire ways to get treasure maps in Red Dead Online:  You can get them by ranking up, completing gang hideouts, and completing levels in the Outlaw Pass.

Get Treasure Maps for Ranking Up

You will get Treasure Maps occasionally for ranking up.  You’ll get one map at Level 10 and then another map every five levels after that.  While ranking up will be done by completing the widest variety of activities, it can be somewhat of a grind as you get higher and higher in rank.

Get Treasure Maps by completing Gang Hideouts


Gang Hideouts are random events in Red Dead Online.  They pop-up all over the map in the game, but they aren’t always there.  You’ll have to get a little bit lucky to get a Gang Hideout to spawn, but when it does, you will likely be rewarded with a treasure map for completing it.

Get Treasure Maps in the Outlaw Pass

The Outlaw Pass also has a few treasure maps to get if you complete all of the levels.  To get the Outlaw Pass you’ll have to unlock it by spending 40 Gold Bars.

How to Collect and use the Treasure Maps


Once you’ve been given a treasure map reward you’ll need to pick it up at the post office or at your camp.  Then you can access it by finding the map in your Satchel.  Hold right on the d-pad and then tab over to the Documents section.  If you have more than one Treasure Map it will be listed here.  Select “Use” for the map you want and then it will highlight the area on the map where the treasure is located.  Once you are in the area you simply need to look for an orange glowing lock box which will have your treasure inside.

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