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Resident Evil Village: How to Get the Azure Eye Ring

Combine two items to make this valuable ring.

by Diego Perez


The Azure Eye Ring is a valuable treasure item that can be sold to the Duke for a profit, but you have to find both parts of it before it’s worth any real money. You can find the Silver Ring pretty easily in Castle Dimitrescu, but it’s clearly missing a second part. This second part is the Azure Eye, which is hidden somewhere else in the castle. Once you find both parts, you can make a large sum of Lei by selling the completed ring. Here’s how to get the Azure Eye Ring in Resident Evil Village.

Finding the Silver Ring and the Treasure Map

The Silver Ring is located in the Hall of Pleasure, the same location where the Mask of Pleasure is located. The Silver Ring is located in a nearby drawer. Many players are so focused on finding the mask and escaping the room that they forget to check their surroundings.


The next step in completing the Azure Eye Ring is finding the Treasure Map that leads to the Azure Eye. The map is located in the Attic of Castle Dimitrescu, the same room where you obtain the F2 Sniper Rifle. The Treasure Map leads to a hidden treasure near the Kitchen and Dungeon, and you’ll need to follow these directions to find the second part of the ring.

Finding the Azure Eye Using the Treasure Map

Return to the Kitchen of Castle Dimitrescu on the first floor of the building. Then, head north through the Kitchen and take the stairs down into the Dungeon. After reaching the bottom of the stairs, follow the path marked with a line on the Treasure Map. This will lead you to a locked door that you can open with the Iron Insignia Key. The Azure Eye is inside, but you need to solve a puzzle to get it.


Once you unlock the door and head inside, iron bars will raise from the ground and prevent you from accessing the coffin. You’ll see two unlit hanging braziers in the center of the room. You need to light these, but there’s no fire source in sight. Blow open the cracked wall to the left of the coffin using a Pipe Bomb, revealing a lit brazier inside. Shoot the hanging brazier on the left into the fire to light it. To light the brazier on the right, you have to shoot both hanging braziers into each other, otherwise they cannot reach each other. Once all braziers are lit, you’ll be granted access to the coffin. The Azure Eye is inside.

Creating the Azure Eye Ring

After grabbing the Azure Eye from the coffin, you can complete the ring. Simply open your inventory, select either the Silver Ring or the Azure Eye, and select combine. When combined, these two items create the Azure Eye Ring. You can sell it to the Duke for 12,000 Lei, which is much more than you would get for selling the items individually.

Resident Evil Village is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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