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Returnal: How to Beat Hyperion (Biome 4 Echoing Ruins Boss Guide)

Echoing melody of the ruins

by Ben Turnbull


Hyperion is the fourth boss in Returnal, and marks the end of the fourth biome, Echoing Ruins. The haunting music grows ever louder as you approach this boss, and while this may seem intimidating, Hyperion is certainly one of the easier bosses in the game, especially compared to Nemesis, the previous boss. Here’s how to beat Hyperion in Returnal.

How to Beat Hyperion in Returnal

This boss has three phases, just like the rest of them in the game; once you deplete its health bar, it will move to the next phase. The best weapon to go into this boss with is most definitely the Tachyomatic Carbine with Leech Rounds, which you may have unlocked by the time you get to the boss fight. It’s quite a close range fight though, so really any of the weapons will work well against Hyperion.

Phase 1 – Hyperion will unleash a systematic array of orange and green orbs, which can be dodged and jumped over just like you’ve been doing for all of the other bosses so far; the orbs that this boss sends out are probably easier to dodge than previous bosses, but you’ll still need to be on your guard as it can certainly prove to be a tough fight if you take damage from multiple of these. The most lethal attacks are the blue barrage of homing pellets that you need to dodge at the last second, and the purple laser that will sweep across the field.

Phase 2 – This phase is similar to the first one, with the orbs being fired at you, but you’ll now also be bombarded with red and blue orbs too. Try to run and jump around these and dodge when you need to so that you avoid taking damage and losing that all-important adrenaline meter. The ground will light up red when an attack is about to burst out of the ground, so get ready to dodge out of the way of this too.

Phase 3 – It’s important to note here that the colors of the orbs indicate the pattern in which they will come at you. The attacks stay the same as the previous phase, but they will come at a much faster pace so you’ll need to be even more focused to dodge these. Watch out for an attack that will trap you in between a wall of thorns – try to stay calm and continue to dodge the attacks without hitting the wall or thorns, it’s easier than it initially seems. Continue shooting and dodging the attacks and you’ll eventually bring Hyperion down, marking the end of Biome 4, Echoing Ruins.

For some other really useful general tips to help you out that apply to all of the bosses in Returnal, check out our first Boss Guide.

Returnal is available now on PS5.

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