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Returnal: What Happens When You Die

What you keep and lose

by Damian Seeto


Returnal is a very hard game and you will lose items and a lot of progress every time that you die. However, there are some story related events and items that can get carried over even after you die.

As you might know already, Returnal is a rogue-like game meaning death gives you more penalties than it does in other action adventure games. When you die in this game, you are brought back to the very beginning of the game at the start of the first biome.

When You Die

When you die, the harshest thing that happens is the fact that you will lose the current weapon that you are equipped with. In the first level you can attain either a shotgun or an assault rifle from a chest. When you die though, you’ll be left with the default pistol that you had at the start of the game.

Consumable items are also lost, although your health gets replenished fully if you die. Some keys and artefacts you hold get lost in the shuffle, although malfunctions are removed when you die. Any stat changes that you experience are also reset.

What You Can Keep

When you die, there are thankfully some items and missions that get saved. For example, the permanent story items that you can keep are the Atropian Blade, the Hermetic Transmitter, and the Icarian Grapnel. Some other story keys are also kept even when you die and have been reset.

Some story objectives and missions you may not have to do again which is a big bonus. Ether is also something that gets carried over after each run has ended. Finally, defeating bosses once means you don’t have to fight them ever again. However, you can face bosses again if you want to do that.

Don’t worry if you die too many times in this game because this is one of the features that make Returnal so unique in the first place. If you want to play it, you can buy it now for the PS5 console. You can click here to know how to save and click here to know how long the game is.

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