Roblox Forgotten Memories: How To Earn All Badges

Find out how to unlock the hardest badges as you play Forgotten Memories in Roblox!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to add a few extra completion badges to your Roblox account, giving Forgotten Memories a playthrough could prove your gaming power. While some of the badges that are in this game are quite easy to obtain, there are a few that are still sitting in the single digits of completion. You won’t be forgotten if you’re one of the lucky few to obtain all of the badges in the game. 

As you make your way through the future home of Tito’s Tacos, you’ll find that you’re going to need to depend on your wits to survive. As you are relentlessly pursued by the animatronics in the game, you’ll need to accomplish a few specific tasks along the way to start earning as many badges as possible to show off. Here’s what you’ll need to do to earn all badges in Forgotten Memories on Roblox!

All Badges In Forgotten Memories & How To Unlock Them

When you search on the Forgotten Memories page within Roblox, you’ll find that there are a total of 13 badges that you’ll be able to unlock. While some offer guidance on what you need to do to complete them, others may leave you scratching your head. We are going to fill in the blanks, as we let you know all of the currently available badges in the game!

Badge Name Badge Description
Complete Night 1 You’ve completed your 1st night on the job! Congratulations!
Complete Night 2 You’ve completed your 2nd night on the job! Good to see you’re still alive.
Complete Night 3 You survi- I mean completed your 3rd night on the job. Impressive!
Complete Night 4 You completed your 4th night on the job! Most people don’t make it this far… I mean… They usually “quit” heh…
Complete Night 5 – …. . -.– / .- .-. . / ..-. — .-.. .-.. — .– .. -. –. / -.– — ..- (THEY ARE FOLLOWING YOU)
Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
20×6 Complete Custom Night on 20×6
bWVtb3j5 ?
[NIGHTMARE] Complete Night 3 Maybe it’s just a fluke…
[NIGHTMARE] Complete Night 4 Now you’re seriously scaring me
[NIGHTMARE] Complete Night 5 You are a world class security guard!
Evaded Marionette You successfully evaded an attack by the Marionette!
Why. . You’re selfish

While some of the badges are quite explanatory in themselves, you’ll find a few have no hints or tricks about what you are supposed to do. Let’s cover those, and find out how to unlock them quickly and easily in the Forgotten Memories experience!

How To Unlock ‘Why. .’ Badge

As you work through the Third Night in the game, once the clock strikes 6:00am you’ll be treated to a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This is the point where you’ll either be able to continue further in the game, or give up where you are. If you’re looking to complete the ‘Why. .’ Badge, you’re going to want to click on Disagree. This will earn your badge, and treat you to a small video sealing your fate.

How To Unlock ‘bWVtb3j5’ Badge in Forgotten Memories

If you’re looking to get the oddly named ‘bWVtb3j5′ Badge, you’re going to want to follow along with this guide. Starting on any night of your choosing and any difficulty of your choice. We recommend choosing Night 1 and Normal to make it as easy as possible to unlock this, so let’s get right in. Or, if you’ve completed the game, create a Custom Night with no animatronics.

As soon as you spawn in, you’re going to want to make your way toward Electrical, and once you’ve entered the room, you’ll see a vent along the wall. You’ll need to glitch into the wall by using the shelf to the right of it to earn this badge, so you’ll need to back up toward the shelf. Once you have lodged yourself between the wall and the shelf, you’ll need to look up, then spin rapidly to the left.

It’s more than likely going to take you a few tries to get this, but once you have glitched far enough into the wall, you’ll see the badge unlock, saying that you’ve earned one of the rarest badges in the game. One of the strangest ones to obtain, but also slightly fun to do.

How To Unlock ‘Evaded Marionette’ Badge in Forgotten Memories

Selecting any night, once again recommended selecting either Night 1 on Normal or a Custom Night with Level 20 Marionette, you’ll want to wait in the office until they emerge from their present box and jump out. You’ll more than likely need to either crank your volume or wear earphones for this next part, so you can make sure that you’re listening for a specific audio queue.

As you wait for Marionette to attack, you’ll start to hear a music box playing, and as the music starts to get faster, that means that you’re close to the time of the attack. Once the music stops, you’ll have just a few moments to look up and see if you can spot Marionette hiding out on the ceiling. If you spot them, you’ll get a quick jumpscare but survive another day with a new Badge unlocked!

The rest of the badges in this game are quite easy to figure out how to unlock, with these three being the main culprits for headaches. While you are working your way through the other nights that the game has to offer, make sure that you’re as prepared as possible with tips and tricks to survive the wrath of these once-friendly animatronics. Have fun, and don’t forget to get paid for your troubles!

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

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