Roblox Forgotten Memories: Tips & Tricks To Survive Every Night (FNAF Fan-Game)

Find out the best ways to survive in Forgotten Memories!

by Shaun Cichacki


As you dive into the scariest experience of the year in Roblox, you’re going to need to avoid Freddy and company as you make your way through Tito’s Tacos in Forgotten Memories. While the characters themselves may feel familiar, the new setting lets you lose inside a brand-new emporium of scares.

You’ll no longer have just the comfort of the office to keep you safe, as you’ll need to venture through the dark and gloomy halls that reside inside of this restaurant to reboot systems and try your best to survive through five nights of pure terror. No matter where you’re playing, you’re bound to experience some scares, so let’s find out the best ways to survive in Forgotten Memories!

How To Make It Through The Night In Forgotten Memories on Roblox

This is the type of game you won’t want to play at school, even if you have the chance to do so. There’s a good chance that you’ll get caught off guard by one of the many jumpscares that reside within the game, and you’ll give away the fact that you’re playing something you shouldn’t be. But, if you’re at home in the dark with a pair of headphones on, let’s learn how to survive these fright-filled nights with ease.

Learn The Best Hiding Spots

As you make your way around this abandoned building, you are going to be stalked by hulking monsters that will stop at nothing to end your life. You’ll want to learn the best places you can hide to make a quick getaway because they’ll lose interest in pursuing you if you aren’t in their eyesight. Save your stamina until you really need it, otherwise, you may find yourself in an unwinnable situation.

Don’t be afraid to try a level a few times to get the hang of how the game plays, and what may have changed from the night prior. You’ll be able to up your chances of survival if you learn where the animatronics are roaming, so you can do your best to avoid them altogether. Keep your eyes peeled for vents and closets, as they provide a quick bit of cover, as well.

Keep The Marionette’s Curtain Closed

If you’re playing a multiplayer session with friends, you’ll be able to accomplish this goal quite easily. However, if you’re braving this title solo, you may find this a bit more difficult to accomplish. As you’ll be roaming around this building, there is a good chance that the Marionette will get free and start pursuing you. If this happens, it’s almost always an immediate game over.

Keeping your priorities in check is important, as you’ll be able to run and hide from the main monsters fairly easily. No matter where you are, make sure that you’re booking it back to this area as soon as you are done resetting generators, or just exploring the building.

Upgrade Your Flashlight As Soon As Possible

The first thing that you are likely to notice about the game is that it is incredibly dark. While you are granted a flashlight at the beginning of the game, you’ll have the chance to spend the money you earn to upgrade your equipment. The first thing that you should do is save up the cash to upgrade to the Lantern.

The reason that you would want to do something like this is to keep your surroundings more visible as you make your way down these barren halls. You may find that the standard flashlight may throw more light in a straight line, but you won’t be able to see as much around you. The Lantern, on the other hand, will reduce the distance by a small amount, but illuminate the hallways much more than before.

Pay Attention To Tips When You Die

While it’s not the most satisfactory way to learn, if you are killed by the animatronics, you’ll get a tip on how to defeat them while the game is respawning you. Let’s say that Chica finds you and kills you, you’ll want to pay attention to the fact that it tells you to not break eye contact with her. If you keep staring directly at her, she won’t move towards you, giving you a chance to put some distance between you.

And while Foxy may be the most dangerous of the group, utilize your flashlight and the few lights that remain to your advantage. Since Foxy hates the light, you’ll be able to use this weakness to your advantage to get away without a single scratch. This is one of the most important tips you can learn, especially since all of the different animatronics have their own unique skills that they will utilize.

Keep An Eye On Available Power And Oxygen

As you spend your night in the Pizzeria, you’ll need to make sure that you’re keeping your eyes on the prize. Not only will you need to protect yourself from these monsters, but you’ll also need to provide power to the building, and keep your oxygen supply in check at all times. While this sounds like a lot to handle, you’ll be glad to know if you’ve followed the tips above, you’ll be able to survive every day.

The power generators that are in the building are quite a distance away from the main office, if you’ve learned the layout of the building, you’ll be golden. Speaking of Golden, if you’re keeping your power and oxygen up and running, you won’t need to worry about running into Golden Freddy in the halls.

While the game may be stressful and scary, you’ll find that if you follow these tips and tricks, you’ll have a better chance of survival. While it’s not only an excellent Roblox title, it’s also a great Five Nights At Freddy’s Fan Game! If you’ve found that this game is just a touch too much for you, feel free to give Blox Fruits or Royale High a try for a new experience inside of the world of Roblox!

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

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