Roblox: How To Get Free Halloween Pumpkin Wings Avatar Accessory

Visit iHeartland: Music Tycoon for a chance to unlock a free item!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to earn yourself a free avatar item in Roblox, you’re in luck! If you’re ready to jump into the iHeartLand: Music Tycoon experience, you’ll be able to get into the Halloween Spirit quickly and easily by completing a few simple tasks. But, what will you do as you zoom around this large town on your scooter, searching for these collectible tokens?

Well, let’s dive right into the details about what you’ll be able to earn, and what you’ll need to do to accomplish this task. Here’s everything that you’ll need to know about the Halloween Tasks to accomplish inside of iHeartLand: Music Tycoon, and the item that you’ll be able to unlock while you’re playing!

What Free Item Do You Get From iHeartLand in Roblox?


If you’re ready to zoom around with a pair of awesome Pumpkin Wings on your back, you’ve come to the right place. As you work towards accomplishing your goal in this experience, you’ll be able to unlock a slick pair of Halloween Pumpkin Wings for your avatar to use! You’ll even be able to wear them outside of the experience if you love them enough!

If you’re looking for more rewards, and have an active Amazon Prime account, make sure that you’re utilizing the free Prime Gaming rewards for Roblox! You’ll be able to pair these items up with all of the free items that you unlock while playing the game, as well!

How To Unlock Halloween Pumpkin Wings in Roblox iHeartland


As you venture around the creative world of this experience, you’re bound to run across these Cyclops Tokens that are floating in the air. You’ll need to snag 20 of them in total to unlock your reward, so get to exploring! Make sure that you’re checking even the most random of spots, such as the Ferris Wheel, and behind buildings to make sure that you’re able to grab them all.

Once you do grab them, you may need to wait for a small period to finally unlock your item. It seems that waiting times for free items may be back in play, or there is just a major influx of traffic affecting how quickly you’re able to unlock these items. However, once you have unlocked it, you’ll be able to equip it for your avatar whenever you want.

Now that you’ve got all of the details, you’ll want to check out our Roblox Guide Section. You’ll be able to get some helpful tips for other experiences like Blox Fruits & Royale High, as well as information about how to play Roblox at school using Maths Spot, and if you’ll be able to play on a Chromebook!

Roblox is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on October 25th, 2022

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