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Roblox In the Heights Event: How to Get Artist’s Backpack – All Graffiti Locations

Paint graffiti to earn a free reward!

by Diego Perez


The In the Heights Block Party event has finally started in Roblox, and finding all five graffiti locations will unlock a free reward for your character. The Artist’s Backpack is the reward for finding and painting all the graffiti, and you can get it pretty easily. The graffiti spots aren’t hard to find, and it will only take you a minute or two to paint them all. There are a few other activities you can do during the event though, so keep an eye out for the missing numbers and other things while you’re searching! Here’s how to find all five graffiti spots for the In the Heights Roblox event.

How to Find all Graffiti and Get the Artist’s Backpack in the Roblox In the Heights Event

There are five graffiti paintings that you have to complete in order to get the Artist’s Backpack. Just like the missing numbers, there are scattered throughout the Block Party area. Finding them all will unlock the Artist’s Backpack as a free reward. Here’s an overview of where you can find all five graffiti.

  1. To the right of spawn on a garage door
  2. On the street leading to the viewing party park on a garage door on the right side
  3. On the left side of the viewing party park
  4. On a wall in the area with the tables and umbrellas to the left of spawn
  5. Directly across from the fourth graffiti


Most of the graffiti isn’t hard to find. If you’re having a hard time tracking one down, just scan the walls of each location and look for any faded artwork. There are also a lot of other players trying to get the Artist’s Backpack, so just follow the crowds if you can’t find one of the painting spots.

Once you find all five graffiti spots, you’ll get the Artist’s Backpack as a reward. The Artist’s Backpack is an in-game item, so you can only use it in the In the Heights Block Party event. Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to get it as a permanent Avatar item at the moment. Still, there are many other items you can get during this event like Usnavi’s Hat (which is still an in-game item) and three emotes which are permanently unlocked for your account. For even more Roblox gear, check out our list of Roblox promo codes and free items.

Roblox is available now on PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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