Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Roulette Guide: Red or Black Choice and All Answers

Are you at the roulette table in Cyberpunk 2077? Betting on Red or Black?

by Gordon Bicker
Image showcasing one of the twins in Cyberpunk 2077 at the Roulette table. There is a smirk on the character's face and a gold outfit worn.
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Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty has many unique sections that elevate the experience to the next level and the roulette table scene is certainly one of them. You are tasked with gaining the personality information of infamous criminal twins, Aurore and Aymeric. I know there are plenty of choices to make so you’ll want to make sure you have an answer guide to go along with the roulette in Cyberpunk 2077.

Best Roulette Table Dialogue Choices in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

While going through the dialogue at the table you will want to be sure to keep on the good side of the Twins. I have listed the winning bets below for you in a different section for quick reference but following this full section of the guide will still let you win all of the bets anyway.

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Drinks and Introduction

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For the starting choice, I personally chose to speak to Aymeric first “How’s it Going” to get some background knowledge on the character. After that, simply select the main choice to order drinks when speaking to Aurore. You can choose any drink you would like but I opted for the “Same as the Lady” choice to ensure I was keeping on Aurore’s good side in my mind. As always there are some choices that just won’t matter.

However, for the bet in this section choose black.

Dirt Beneath Your Fingers

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Choose the “Conscience Ain’t Spotless, that’s sure” option here and Aurore likes the sound of that. There is also a betting choice to make here and in terms of the dialogue you are safe to choose to bet on red here which is “Seems I interrupted something just now”. This is a winning bet for this section too and Aurore comes around and chats with you after you make the choice. After that bet, make the follow-up bet of another red which links to the “Didn’t mean to be rude” option.

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Opinion on Kurt Hansen (Who is Kurt Hansen, Really)

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For the bet, before you get to this section for making a choice about Hansen, choose red as your bet to win. I personally chose the “Ain’t no Upstanding Citizen” here and it worked out nicely for getting 47% of the Behavioral imprint for Aurore. For the bet which follows after this, select black. There will then be another choice related to Aymeric’s comment.

You can choose either “Charmin’ little show” or “Audacity your calling card” as Aurore agrees with both.

Kurt Hansen’s Business Methods

After this, choose to bet on red. Aymeric will also begin to start chatting to Aurore about Kurt’s business methods and when you get a choice I’d recommend selecting “Owning Dogtown’s one helluva bargaining chip” from here. This is because there is no negative reaction and Aymeric will begin talking openly.

Although other choices such as “Naive and Shortsighted, your approach” also will fill up the behavioral imprint to 47% just the same.

Honest Peeps

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This next choice does not matter either way except for the bet. The dialogue options lead to the same result and talk from Aymeric. If you want a winning bet here, choose to bet on black which says “Guessin’ you got no respect for upright honest peeps”.

About V

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When the Twins ask you about yourself, I chose to opt for “V, merc from the afterlife” at this part. After all, we certainly all likely complete a lot of gigs for rewards! It is a timed choice so be sure to select quickly.

Should you Bet Red or Black at the All or Nothing Roulette?

This is the final bet of the roulette table and you actually can indeed win it. What you want to select is black for the winning bet. Congratulations on getting through this section of the quest! If you do happen to select red instead though, there is nothing major that changes as a result. All it means is you won’t get extra cash and Hansen’s dialogue is altered ever so slightly.

All Winning Bets for the Roulette Table in Phantom Liberty

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If you ever plan on playing through the Phantom Liberty DLC again then having a full list of winning bets will be useful to have for quick progression through the dialogue without any worry. Here is every bet you just made all of which you won at the table. After you get away from the roulette, you can cash out the chips you won for over 100,000 eddies.

  1. Bet on Red (When you sit down at the table)
  2. Bet on Black
  3. Bet on Red
  4. Bet on Red
  5. Bet on Red
  6. Bet on Black
  7. Bet on Red
  8. Bet on Black
  9. Bet on Black

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It is worthwhile taking note of if you won the final bet or not as you will need to know that later in the expansion for a certain high-risk, high-reward story mission. It definitely will be the best choice for you to try and win the bet though of course, as who couldn’t refuse some extra eddies every now and then?

Now that you know everything you need to about the Twin’s roulette game in Phantom Liberty, you can get back to getting the behavioral imprint for both all scanned in, enjoy!

- This article was updated on October 13th, 2023

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