Sea of Thieves: How to Fix StrawberryBeard Error Code

Time to fix the StrawberryBeard error code!

by Gordon Bicker

Sea of Thieves players tend to always sail across one or two error codes from time to time while getting ready to play. Before you can learn how to roll some dice in the game and decide what your crew will be up to for the day, it is better to make sure you can actually get into the game’s servers. Many people have noticed an error code appear with the name StrawberryBeard which is a very humorous name. Thankfully, this article will take you over how to fix the StrawberryBeard error code in Sea of Thieves.

Fixing the StrawberryBeard Error Code in Sea of Thieves

There is a main method to fix this particular error. For Xbox users, the first thing to do is to hold down the power button on your Xbox console to turn it off — restart the console — and then check if Sea of Thieves needs an update. If it does, install the required update and load back into the game. It is likely the StrawberryBeard error code has vanished now for you. If it hasn’t, try reloading the game again.

For PC users, reboot your PC/Laptop and then check for an update similar to Xbox’s solution. Install the update if there is one and start up the game again. This should solve the issue you were having. Please note that if StrawberryBeard appears to you, it does not mean you have been banned, this was a rumor floating about.

There is also the possibility that an antivirus/firewall update is blocking the game client so be sure to check if any of those need an update if you are on a PC. Along with that, the error code can also simply mean that the game is down for maintenance and will probably be going back up very soon when the developers have completed their maintenance. You can get back to swashbuckling and learn how to get the One Piece hat as a cosmetic in no time!

Sea of Thieves is available this second on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 3rd, 2022

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