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Spelunky 2 – What to do with Dogs or Other Pets

The new damsel looks a bit different.

by Kyle Hanson


Exploring the procedurally generated caves of Spelunky 2 can be a thrill as you discover new and interesting enemies, creatures, and items throughout. One of the more prolific are the dogs (or other pets as determined by your setting choices) that appear in many early stages. These helpful little critters mostly just sit there, waiting for you to do something, but don’t let their passivity fool you, they are key to winning the game. Here’s what to do with dogs or other pets in Spelunky 2.

What to do with Dogs or Other Pets

Pets in Spelunky 2 replace the damsels you used to save throughout the first game. You could always switch these to look like dogs, but now the dog is the default. The pug will pop up pretty quickly as you get used to Spelunky 2’s new mechanics, so you’ll be pretty familiar with them right away. But what’s the point of these creatures? As the damsel name implies, they’re there to be saved.

All you need to do is pick up the dog or other pet then you can carry them through the level all you like. The main goal is to get them to the end of the stage to heal you for one HP. Other options are available though, including the classic sacrifice on an altar. Alternatively the dog can be used to trigger traps if you’re particularly heartless. They act like almost any other projectile in the game, just without most of the damage. Do this too much and they’ll die making it so you don’t get the bonus even by reaching the end.

Hopefully this helped explain what to do with dogs or other pets in Spelunky 2. Dogs or whatever pet you set the game to will appear in many stages throughout the game so knowing this is key to winning. There may be other uses for the new damsel but players will need to dig deeper into the new mechanics to find out.

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