Splatoon 3 Amiibo Guide: How to Redeem and All Rewards

It's time to dust off your amiibo and unlock some perks

by Kara Phillips


Splatoon 3 is bursting with fun areas and items for players to interact with, and of course, Amiibo must play a part somehow. So to Splatoon, its accompanying amiibo figures have a much more significant use than just looking pretty on display. Instead, they can be used to unlock some valuable in-game items. Read on to see the unlockable rewards that the Splatoon Amiibo offers.

How to Scan Amiibo in Splatoon 3

Scanning your Splatoon Amiibo is a straightforward process, which any player can access from the moment they enter Splatsville. The Amiibo stand is located behind the spawn point, and since it looks exactly like a Splatoon Amiibo box, it’s hard to miss.

All you have to do to start scanning your Amiibo is walk up to the box and interact with it. After that, you can scan your Amiibo figures to your heart’s content. Each Splatoon Amiibo comes with an array of gear, so the larger your collection, the larger you’ll benefit.

Each Splatoon Amiibo and Their Rewards

There are currently thirteen Splatoon Amiibo, all with three redeemable rewards in Splatoon 3, and with Splatoon 3 figures on the horizon, the collection is only expected to grow.

Each item will go directly into the equip menu, so you’ll be able to freshen up your look as soon as you redeem your rewards. In addition, each item of clothing and piece of unlockable gear comes with its own in-game perks, which is something to consider when creating your freshest fits and jumping back into battle. The table below shows every Splatoon Amiibo and the various in-game rewards they unlock.

Amiibo Unlockable Rewards
  • Pearlescent Crown
  • Pearlescent Hoodie
  • Pearlescent Kicks
  • Marinated Headphones
  • Marinated Top
  • Marinated Slip-Ons
  • Armor Helmet Replica
  • Armor Jacket Replica
  • Armor Boot Replica
  • Hero Headset Replica
  • Hero Jacket Replica
  • Hero Runner Replica
Inkling Girl – Splatoon
  • School Hairclip
  • School Uniform
  • Base School Shoes
Inkling Boy – Splatoon
  • Samurai Helmet
  • Samurai Jacket
  • Samurai Shoes
Inkling Squid – Splatoon
  • Power Mask
  • Power Armor Clothing
  • Power Boots
Inkling Girl – Splatoon 2
  • School Cardigan
  • Squid Clip-Ons
  • Fringed Loafers
Inkling Boy – Splatoon 2
  • Squinja Mask
  • Squinja Suit
  • Squinja Shoes
Inkling Squid – Splatoon 2
  • Power Mask MK1
  • Power Armor MK1
  • Power Boots MK1
Octoling Girl – Splatoon 2
  • Enchanted Hat
  • Enchanted Robes
  • Enchanted Boots
Octoling Girl – Splatoon 2
  • Steel Helm
  • Steel Platemail
  • Steel Greaves
Octoling Octopus – Splatoon 2
  • Fresh Fish Head
  • Fresh Fish Gloves
  • Fresh Fish Feet

Splatoon 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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