Splatoon 3: How to Get Teddy Band Bear Ears Headgear

Cute as a button!

by Kara Phillips


Anyone who’s spent time online in Splatoon 3 may have encountered a hoard of bear-eared players. But a keen-eyed play will have also noticed this accessory isn’t available in any of Splatsville’s retailers. It’s one of Splatoon’s most elusive accessories, so players are desperate to get their hands on it, even though the process isn’t particularly simple. So read on to find out how you can become un-BEAR-ably cute too.

How to Unlock the Teddy Bear Headband in Splatoon 3

To unlock the Teddy Bear Headband, players must have completed Splatoon 3’s story mode and have access to the secret kettle level, After Alterna. Unfortunately, this is the only way you can earn the adorable accessory since it can’t be purchased through a store or Murch, but it’s not an easy feat, so players should be prepared to repeat the process a few times before earning their rewards. The Secret Kettle can be accessed via where you first enter Alterna.

The process of unlocking the Teddy Bear Headband is identical to earning the Mr. Grizz badge, so you’re essentially getting two highly sought-after rewards for the price of one. Even if the process is a little more challenging. The After Alterna level has four checkpoints, but they are incredibly far from one another, and given the level of challenge presented in the level, it feels as though they don’t exist in the first place.

But the payoff is definitely worth the effort. Given the high status of the Teddy Bear Headband, you’ll be the talk of the town once you’ve secured it. To equip the Teddy Bear Headband, enter the equip menu with + and toggle to headgear. From here, you’ll be able to apply the ears to your character and showcase your skill level to Splatsville. The headband also comes with three ability slots, alongside the Comeback ability in its central slot.

Splatoon 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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