Splatoon 3 Shop Refresh: How to Unlock New Clothes and Headgear

Those daily resets are important to remember!

by Elliott Gatica


While you’re racking up tons of coins and using your Ability Chunks to unlock new abilities on your gear, you’re probably going to want to also deck out your Squid Kid. Abilities go a long way in Splatoon 3, but you want to look cool dominating the competition, so how often does the shop refresh in the game? How does one get new clothes and headgear for further customization? We have answers.

When Does the Shop Refresh in Splatoon 3?

To get new items in your shop and many clothing stores in Splatoon 3, they seem to refresh at 5 PM PST/7 PM CT/8 PM EST. If your time zone isn’t listed, just convert so accordingly. This is a daily reset that typically happens in other online games that have these sorts of systems, daily XP caps, or daily challenges.

As you buy out more and more inventory from certain shops, you might start to run into sold-out items or shorter lists of wares. Just wait for that reset. If you played a lot and you know there are still things to get, you can always order another player’s clothes to essentially copy their fit. Mix and match what you have with what you got from them to create your unique look.

Aside from waiting for an inventory refresh from your favorite shops, you can partake in other activities like Salmon Runs. These activities have their rewards and currencies. This can be accessed by going to Grizzco, but you’ll have to be at least level 4 to start it.

Finally, your other option is to utilize the SplatNet 3 function. It’s part of the Nintendo Switch Online phone app where you can use it to communicate with other people using it in your games. Social aspects aside, you can use it to obtain additional gear like clothes that you normally can’t get from other in-game shops and vendors.

So, you have three places to get clothes from. You either get it from shops and vendors who rotate items every 24 hours, the Salmon Runs or through the SplatNet 3 part of the official Nintendo Switch Online app. There should be more than enough customization options to get your Squid Kid all decked out and ready to roll over the competition.

Splatoon 3 is available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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