How to Order Other Players’ Clothes and Gear in Splatoon 3

Take the freshest fits from other players!

by Marc Magrini


Looking fresh in Splatoon 3 is good for a lot more than just improving a character’s look. The right gear can grant a player some powerful abilities as they level up, with some gear having the strongest abilities available at the very start. These abilities can be changed with a bit of grinding, but they can’t be as easily changed as hair or eye color. Some will come across incredible one-of-a-kind gear found on other players with abilities that far surpass anyone else’s equipment. Luckily, there’s no need to get jealous of their setups. It’s possible to order other players’ clothes in Splatoon 3, though it won’t be available immediately.

How Can Players Order Other Players’ Clothes in Splatoon 3?

Before getting started with shopping for other players’ gear, you’ll need to speak with Murch. He’ll be available at level 4 to offer his services. One of these services includes ordering gear from other players. This can be done by walking up to another player in the plaza and hitting the A button when near them. If you have access to Murch’s services, an “Order Gear” button will appear. Clicking it will let you choose from the player’s current clothing. Simply select “Order” on the gear you want, and you’ll have successfully placed an order on another player’s clothing!

It should be noted that not all clothing can be ordered from other players. Special clothes, like the stuff you’d find on amiibo, will not be available for order no matter what. In addition, you’ll need to wait a day until the order actually becomes available. You can also only order up to three items at a time. Trying to order a fourth item will force you to cancel a previous order. These limits can be a bit restrictive, but they’ll also give you plenty of time to grind out money so you can pay for the order once it’s ready.

Splatoon 3 is a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

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