Starfield Guilty Parties Guide: Side With Ularu or Masako?

You think you've got a toxic work environment? Ryujin once again comes out on top!

by J.R. Waugh
Starfield Guilty Parties Side with Ularu or Masako
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The Ryujin Industries questline might be the most convoluted side quest in all of Starfield. It’s an overwhelming series of threads spiraling into conspiracies, murder plots, human experimentation, and mind control. It’s the conspiracy theorist’s dream, but also a pretty Kafkaesque experience. Do you think your job’s toxic? Try being in the shoes of this company’s executives, either figuratively or literally at each other’s throats. This culminates in the final mission of this questline, “Guilty Parties.” In this quest, you must decide to side with either Ularu or Masako over who remains CEO of Ryujin Industries in Starfield!

Should You Side With Ularu or Masako in Starfield “Guilty Parties” Mission?

There is no discernible difference in raw rewards between either side, but choosing Masako is the better call in Starfield than Ularu. While the public’s perception of the company might be harmed by her being placed under investigation, her methods are more palatable than Ularu’s. It’s also important to say that Ularu is largely responsible for this problem. That being said, with the cutthroat, espionage-laden tactics of Ryujin, Ularu is a grim fit, but her methods, including scapegoating Imogene, are difficult to side with, especially from your companion’s standpoint.

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For choosing either side, you gain an office on the Operations floor with a Ryujin mission board (lots of espionage missions!) and some fantastic weapons, along with a tidy bursary of credits to your name. Since this is a significant questline, you’ll also be interested to know that this affects the final scenes when you complete the main story! It can alter the epilogue for the galaxy at large, so go with what your instincts tell you is right at the end of the day!

How Do You Get the Board to Side Wither Ularu or Masako?

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Prior to the board meeting that decides their fate, meet with each board member and you’ll find dialog options that fit their pre-existing stances. You’ll find that even though they lean one way, you can use your newly empowered Manipulation from this questline to sway them or pass a ridiculously easy Persuasion check. Keep in mind, you can also influence their stances on Project Dominion’s use of mind control tech and whether you should acquire Infinity LTD, a loaded question given their corruption.

What Kind of Missions Can You Get From Ryujin?

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Much like many of the missions you get leading up to this point in the Ryujin questline, you’ll get various forms of espionage missions. These include hacking secure terminals, planting evidence, sabotage, and other intense interpretations of corporate espionage. Ryujin don’t mess around, and you won’t miss out on this option unlike in the case of the UC Vanguard questline if you choose wrong!

- This article was updated on September 19th, 2023

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