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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: How to Drop and Throw Items

Toss it! Drop it! Throw it!

by Kyle Hanson


While the pros might scorn them, items are an intrinsic part of the Super Smash Bros. experience. And of course, they are a huge part of SSBU. The game lives up to its name in a few ways, including all the characters and stages, but also the items. Tons from the past and a bunch of new ones make an appearance, but they’re not all good. What do you do if you don’t want to be holding the item you have? Here’s how to drop and throw items in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

We previously broke down how to pick up items, which was actually very easy. This is a bit more complicated, requiring more buttons and thought as to what you want to do with the item you have. Let’s start with just dropping the item you have. So, this is what to do if you don’t want to use it, you just want to get rid of it. To drop an item in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate you just have to press your grab button, which by default should be R, or Z on a Gamecube controller. This will just chuck the item to the side, usually with no consequences.

But what about throwing it? If the item is effective as a throwing item, it often just requires you to hit A. This is the case for Poke Balls, for example. Some items have other uses, but can also be thrown for great effect, such as swords. For these you just need to do the same as above, pressing the grab button, but also point the analog stick in the direction you want to throw. This will hurl the item at anything standing in that direction, so use it effectively and you might get a nice KO out of it.

And that’s how to drop and throw items in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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