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Tales of Arise: How to Fish

One fish, two fish, how do you even do this?

by Andron Smith


It’s insane how many fishing spots you’ll bump into in Tales of Arise before even knowing how to fish! Tales of Arise has lots of beautiful vistas to visit but since the world is very organic in design, things like owls, fishing spots, and rocks that you can bust up are all already present from the start. While fishing is explained in as about as much detail as how to unlock Artes or even changing outfits, there’s still a lot to know to really get good at it. Here’s everything we know on how to fish in Tales of Arise.

How to Fish in Tales Of Arise

To fish in Tales of Arise, you’ll first need to unlock it by progressing deep enough into the story to add Kisara and Dohalim to your party and reach the Talka Pond Road area. Once there, head in the direction of the campsite and you’ll trigger a cutscene with Kisara who teaches the party how to fish. To fish, you’ll need to locate one of the many fishing spots in the world and cast a line. See below for more in-depth info on how to land the big ones.

Cast a Line, Who Knows What You’ll Find

Fishing is a little complicated in Tales of Arise compared to other titles but we’ve got your back. Each fishing hole has only certain types of fish within them. We recommend starting with knowing what you’re going after first as this makes the rest way easier. Note that as you catch fish, you can sell all of them and net a pretty penny but be sure to also check in with the Fisherman at Talka Pond Road to get some free rods/lures as you go. See below for a step-by-step breakdown of how to catch a fish.

Step 1 – Rod/Lure and Fish Selection


  • By pressing the Select Rod/Lure command while fishing, you’ll be able to not only select a rod and lure but also see what fish are available in the spot you’re at.
  • The rods all have different rarities which appear to affect how easy it is to catch a fish. The higher the rarity, the easier time you’ll have.
  • Lures also have different rarities but only make certain fish easier to catch. If you don’t have a lure for the fish you’re going for though, use the highest rarity one you can – this seemed to help a bit.
  • Looking at the fishing log in the bottom right, every fish you’ve already caught is highlighted in green while fish you have yet to catch are in white.
  • Note that the lower down the list a fish is, the rarer the fish and the harder it will be to catch.
  • Pay special attention to the button combination besides the fish you want as that will be used later on.

Step 2 – Casting The Line


  • Once you’re ready to start catching, back out of the rod/lure menu and look for any spots where fish are jumping out of the water or there are air bubbles.
  • Move your line over these and the casting indicator will change from blue to yellow – cast your line there to start fishing.
  • Note that you can technically cast anywhere but casting in a yellow spot will shorten the next step significantly and lowers the chance of failing it.

Step 3 – Luring


  • At this point, you’ll be met with the first fishing mini-game. The goal is to get the fish to move towards the green area.
  • Remember how you checked which buttons to use earlier? Pressing any button, except for collect lure, will begin the mini-game. Your goal is to hit each button from the button combination found earlier in time with the yellow circle overlapping with the green circle. For example, if doing the Y-X combination, you’ll press Y by itself when the first circle occurs, then X on the second, then Y on the third again, and so on.
  • As you push the button combination for the fish, if the one you are seeking is there, it will show a heart over its head and move forward. If it does it on both pushes, then it is definitely your fish so keep going.
  • There is a bit of randomness here which you can sort of control by pressing the incorrect button or pushing nothing at all to back other fish off but we found it’s faster to just get whatever comes and try again.

Step 4 – Landing the Catch


  • The final step is where the real battle begins.
  • The rod has a tension bar and if it reaches complete red, you’ll lose the fish. The goal is to keep it in the green while lowering the fish’s health to zero to land the catch.
  • During this phase, continue to hold down the reel in button (it slows down line degradation) and complete the commands you see on screen.
  • When the rod indicator shows a direction, move your rod in that direction until it is completed.
  • Sometimes the fish will jump or jerk around so be ready to quickly hit the button prompt on the screen. Hitting these not only restores tension but does a large chunk of the fish’s health as well.
  • Once you battle the fish down to zero HP, you’ll have caught it and get one of many great poses by bae Kisara.

And that’s that! Be sure to get all the fish you can once you unlock them as the fishing spots you found before are now open for business.

Tales of Arise is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Check out the rest of our Tales of Arise guides while you’re here!

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