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Temtem – How to Make Money

Make more money fast in Temtem

by Kyle Hanson


Sure Temtem is all about catching and fighting with the colorful and creative characters you run into on the way to becoming the greatest champion in the land, but that doesn’t always pay the bills. Yes, sometimes you’ll need money, such as when you need to buy more TemCards to catch more Temtem. But while you get paid for various trainer battles and other events, sometimes that’s not quite enough. Sometimes you need more money and can’t find an easy way to do it. To help, here’s how to make money in Temtem.

How to Make Money

There’s one key answer to this question in regards to longevity, but first let’s break down the usual methods. As I said, you get paid money for each trainer battle you complete. This will be your main way to make money throughout your Temtem adventure. While avoiding battles is sometimes prudent, such as when you really need to heal and there’s no Temporium nearby, or when you’re just tired of fighting it out with everyone you cross eyes with, it’s also a key part of the gameplay experience. This is how you’ll make most of your money on your journey, but once that dries up what do you do?

The answer for many at this point is to join the Free Temtem Society. Found in The Canopath or Route 5 this group is all over the world of Temtem. Their goal is to free as many of the little creatures as possible. The fact that it was you who put them into captivity in the first place doesn’t seem to matter at all. After you meet up with them they will track how many Temtem you catch and release and pay you a sliding scale for each. What this means is you’ll want to catch as many Tem as you can, then release any you don’t mind not having around. Then head here or any other location you find them at and check in for your reward.

For now, as Temtem works its way through Early Access, this is the best answer for how to make money in Temtem. More should appear as the game progresses, so check back for updates as they become available.

- This article was updated on:January 22nd, 2020

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