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Temtem Player Vault – Where is It, and How to Use It

Store unwanted or unused items in the new player vault.

by Brandon Adams


Temtem received its first minor content patch recently, and with it came a handful of new features, including the new player vault for items. It’s a great way to store unneeded items, and to keep them between resets. It’s also easy to locate.

The new player vault can be found in all big Temporiums, next to the vendor.

The vault is pretty obvious once you see it: it’s a big ole’ safe next to the vendor in big Temporiums. All you need to do it walk up and click F to interact with it. You have to add items one at a time to the vault (though, you can add a stack of an item in one go), and you are unable to add gear, courses, or key items to the vault.

Thus far it appears the vault is reserved for regular and medicinal items, and Temcards. What makes the vault special is its ability to preserve items between character resets, though players will need to wait ten days if they wish to reset again.

The patch also dropped the new endgame Saipark zone (which we have a guide for), so use the new vault to clear up some inventory space for the new content.

- This article was updated on:February 17th, 2020

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